Make a Terrarium in 5 easy steps

The pandemic and lockdown have got the best out of people and made them venture into new things or build on what they already liked but never got the time to do so. One such thing was testing the green thumb. Many people got interested in gardening and building a small green space in their house. 

Terrarium is one such thing that fascinates many for its beautiful look and the creativity that it can get out of you. The other best part about it is that it requires less space and minimal after care. Terrarium is basically a small and decorative plants growing in an enclosed environment, typically a glass container with an opening on top. 

But making a Terrarium is an art in itself and needs some basic understanding to make it last longer. 

Firstly, Terrariums can be made with real plants or artificial plants. When making with artificial plants, you don’t have to worry about the kind of plants used and whether to keep it closed or open. Also, artificial terrariums do not require soil and can be set up with just moss. 

So now let’s look at how to make a terrarium with real plants that would add beauty to your house or balcony. 

Lets first get the things assembled to make a beautiful Terrarium:

Glass vessel: Terrariums are preferably made in glass containers. You have a large variety of options available in the market to select from. A glass fish-bowl, to suspended glass bowls, you will get hordes of options. A transparent or glass vessel it preferred so you can look at the beautiful mini garden that you have created. 

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

Pebbles or colored stones: Stones or pebbles are used at the base of the Terrariums so that the water doesn’t remain in the soil and is drained out to the stones so that the roots of the plant don’t rot. 

Activated Charcoal: It keeps the water fresh and helps fight any bacterial growth in the Terrarium. 

Potting Soil: Soil is very crucial in a Terrarium and while you can use the regular garden soil, you also get special mix of soil if you are planting a cacti or a succulents. 

Plants: Select small plants which don’t grow too fast like cacti, succulents or air plants.

Decorative items: You get many miniatures to add the extra beauty to your terrariums like tiny cats, human figures, dogs, mushrooms and many more. Decide on your theme and get the miniature décor. 

Gardening tools: Tools will help you set the Terrarium properly without much mess and hassle. 

Now that we are ready with all that we need to make a Terrarium, let’s start setting it up. 

Step 1: Place a 11/2 inch of pebbles or colored stones at the base of the Terrarium. These pebbles will act as a drainage for the Terrarium. 

Photo by cottonbro on

Step 2: To keep the water fresh and Terrarium free of bacteria, we add a layer of activated charcoal. 

Step 3: We can use any potting soil for the Terrarium but for cacti and succulents, you get special soil mix. Add a generous layer of soil as it will give support to the plants roots. Preferably add at least 21/2 inch of soil. 

Photo by cottonbro on

Step 4: Add the plant of your choice. If you are adding more plants, start adding from the back or one end of the Terrarium so you have room to add the next plant. When selecting plants, go for small plants so they don’t touch the glass of the Terrarium to make it looked cramped. Use plants which thrive well in humidity inside a Terrarium incase you plan to keep it closed. Cacti and succulents don’t live well in humidity, in that case, keep the Terrarium open. For any plant that you use for your Terrarium, keep in mind their natural and healthy environment and replicate the same in your Terrarium. 

Photo by cottonbro on

Step 5: After setting the plants, it’s time to decorative it. Again, go with the theme you have planned. If it’s for kid’s room, you can add mini dinosaur toys inside. Or if you plan to keep it in your balcony, add mini characters that you like or add shells. You have a wide varity of options to choose from which are easily available on Amazon. 

Photo by cottonbro on

Now that your Terrarium is ready, keep it where you can see it and water it every 2 weeks or when the soil seems to be dry. Keep it in a bright place with indirect sunlight. 

A closed terrarium made with plants which can handle humidity. Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

You can buy individual items to build your Terrarium or get a ready DIY kit which is easily available. It also makes a super fun activity to do with kids. Terrariums make a beautiful gifting option as it’s handmade and no one would say no to such a beautiful mini green space created in a glass.

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