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Let’s get Organized with our Finances

Finance, one thing we all need to be equally organized and well-kept like anything else around us. As much as we would dislike a messy and an unorganized space, the same goes with finances. Being disorganized with your finances, bills and payments will not only frustrate you eventually but also can lead you to debts and growing late fees.

Before thing get messy, let’s get organized with ourselves to help our finance work without any hindrance. 

Keep a tab on expenses: You need to know how much money is coming in and going out. This will help you understand where you need to cut your expenses and use that money to meet your financial goals.  

Keep all your bills organized: If you have the tendency to toss all your bills in a box or a drawer, chances are you will forget about them. So, make sure you keep your “Yet to Pay” bills in front of your eyes and set reminders for payment or set up auto debit from your bank account. This way you will not miss any of your payments and pay late fee for your carelessness. 

E- Payment: Continuing from above, all utility centers and banks offer auto bill payment option. So, choose that so you don’t have to worry about your bill payments. Think, you are on a vacation and having a good time and all of a sudden you realize you have missed a bill payment. How stressful could that be. And if you had opted for auto payment, you would be happily sipping that pina-colada in the pool. 

Check your bills and statements: Don’t just keep your bills aside without reading them out. There could be an incorrect charge or an error which you could miss if you don’t look at your bills. It’s better to be vigilant than to pay for what you have not done. 

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Get rid of old records and documents: It’s better to shred old records once you know you will not be needing them for tax or any other reason. Clear desk help to be more productive and think clear.

Keep separate bank accounts: Maintain separate bank accounts, one for your house expenses and other for paying bills. This way you will not land up spending the amount meant for bill payments over a party. 

Co-ordinate with your partner: If you are sharing your expenses with your partner, spouse or family member, make sure to discuss the payments due with them. If your wife went on a shopping spree not knowing there is a bill payment coming up, you will now have a payment that’s going to bounce. 

Now that you know how to organize your finances, don’t forget to keep track of your life because as life progresses, new experiences and expenses follow, like getting married, moving into a new house, or having a baby. All these events impact your finances and can shuffle your entire financial planning. So be aware and plan in advance for the coming events of life by readjusting your spending’s and savings. 

In my next blog I will talk about why one should spend in cash and not on credit.

Till next time, 

Happy Organizing. 

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29 replies on “Let’s get Organized with our Finances”

Some good points mentioned here. Managing finances is one of the most important things we all need to do. And its important also to continuously keep evaluating the finances too.

Keeping a tab on your expenses is very necessary. Managing finances helps in smooth functioning of everything you mentioned in your blog. Loving your series Hansa. Great tips in all fields of finance management.

Keeping a close watch on our expenses is very important to save us from future debt. Keeping the bills organized, paying off the bills in time will help us in living a stress free life.

I follow most of it, I am a fugal by birth and totally proud about it . I dont miss to keep a tab on expenses and always double check the bills and statement,

All pointers are rightly mentioned to well organize your finances. By taking a few cautious steps beforehand, everyone can brilliantly balance their financial flow. Well said, be it keeping a tab on your expenses or decluttering the records of old finances or ePayment, there are several ways to keep track of financial records organized.

This is a very helpful post for everyone Hansa. Keeping a track of one’s finances and saving for the rainy day was inculcated in is from the time we were children. Thanks for sharing some wonderful tips 😊

I have become a fan of your entire finance-related series. These are such common things that we know deep in our hearts but never follow. For example, keeping bills organized and so much more. I have started managing things in the same order you have mentioned here.

This was quite informative. I will be sharing this with my sister too, it is indeed imperative to be organized with our finances as soon as we start working.

To tell u the truth, I was organized with my finances till I met my husband. His habit of keeping the finances organized is slowly rubbing off on me.

Well, to be honest despite being from the banking industry I was pretty unorganized with my own personal finances. It was only after I got married, we both then started getting things in order.

So happy to read these pointers. We try to remain as organized and sorted as possible wrt our investments, expenses, bills and all are almost filed decently.

Keeping a balance between income and expense is must as now everything is becoming so expensive be it education or clothing . Not taking care of our expenses will cost us bomb.

These are some great pointers to manage finances better and plan for future. In our family we maintain all bills and keep a tab on expenditure.

Keeping a track on our expenses is the most difficult part. I tried it once or twice and then gave up. So many small small payments got me exhausted but I still am going to try soon.

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