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After Holi haircare- Easy oil recipe

With Holi just a few days away, we all are super excited about playing with colors and enjoying the festival.

But we can’t deny the mess that is created after the fun. From skin to hair, everything is gone for a toss with all the colors that were rubbed on you.

So if you want to indulge in the burst of colors but worry about the damage to your tresses, dont panic, as I am going to share an easy hair oil recipe to help you have soft and shiny hair after the festival.

Let’s begin with the ingredients;

Onion: Sulpher content in onion helps in nourishing the hair and prevent hair loss.

Curry leaves: It’s loaded with properties to boost hair growth and keep it healthy, strong and moisturized.

Fenugreek/Meethi Seeds: High in protein, it’s beneficial against hair fall and dandruff and also in treating scalp issues like dryness, itchiness and hair thinning.

Coconut oil: It acts as a shield against environmental damage caused to the hair and also prevents breakage.

Proportion for the oil:

1 small onion made into a paste. 15 to 20 curry leaves. 1 tsp Fenugreek seeds and half a cup coconut oil.

How to Prepare:

Take all these ingredients and put it in a pan.

Bring it to boil.

Once boiled, let it cool down.

Now strain it in a bottle or a jar.

Let this sit for 2 days before you use it.

It’s that simple.

With the right ingredients which are easily available at home, we can take good care of out tresses. Use this oil regularly and you will love the shine and softness in your hair.

If you try this at home, don’t forget to let me know your experience. And if you have your own recipe or an ingredient which has worked well for your hair, do share it in the comment below and let me know.

Happy Holi!

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31 replies on “After Holi haircare- Easy oil recipe”

I use fenugreek and curry leaves mixed with coconut oil. On and off I also mix castor oil and coconut oil. For hair mask, I apply Amla and Shikakai once a week.

I have recently started DIY hair oil by mixing coconut oil, castor oil, fenugreek seeds, curry leaves, and onion. And I am so happy with the results; this oil brought hope to my falling hairs.

Holi is a festival of colors, fun and energy, but there are few things which we should take care and hair is one of them. This oil really looks perfect to save hair from holi colors. Thanks for sharing the recipe

First I like the infographic so much. loved the recipe of DIY hair oil too. I am a big fan of DIYs and had tried fenugreek oil before. will try your recipe during summer vacation and let you know, my experience.

Loved this write up! Holi definitely is a fun festival but when it comes to the colors, they can damage our hair. I love the infographic so much! Really helpful! My hair is pretty damaged and I am gonna try this diy!

I don’t play Holi anymore, but I will recommend this hair oil recipe with my friends. It will surely help them a lot and they will stop panicking about their hair issues post holi.

this is super easy to make. I guess this oil will wonders of hair otherwise also. Would try the recipe.

Wow! This is interesting. I do use onion oil, but i never thought we could make some ourselves! How long can this oil last?

I’ve prepared oil at home with the ingredients you’ve mentioned and can vouch that it’s great for hair. I observed less hairfall and better hair luster after using it.

Your tips on after Holi haircare are so useful! I wish my sister-in-law knew about this recipe last week. It was her first Holi after marriage and as expected she had all sorts of colors applied to her face and hair.

Hair is the worst sufferer for sure. We need to take special care after all the colours ruin it. Vety nice tips.

I love a good DIY skin/body/hair care. I’ve for most of the time managed to make own hair packs and oils. I’m going to try this one too, about time I let my hair down and make it shine. Thank you for sharing.

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