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It happened in Bengaluru- Book Review

Book: It happened in Bengaluru – where a winner resigned to conquer

Author: Absum

Publication: Notion Press

Pages: 184


Blurb: A young boy Aryan, who has been working for a software company is now frustrated and running low on morale to continue with his job as his company decides to cut down the staff and starts laying off employs. He is stuck between the needs of his manager and the frustration of his team. Being demotivated by unattainable targets burdened on him and his team, he decides to call it quits when an interesting metaphorically used CB- Chess Board, comes into the picture who changes the outlook and approach in Aryan’s life in an assertive way. 

Review: The book is in a narration form and Aryan is writer’s friend.

It is an interesting mix of fiction, motivation, planning and management talks. While Aryan is the central character, CB is also the protagonist who swings the flow of the plot which is uniquely written and executed by the author. The book is about the corporate world and how people strive to survive in their pursuit of success and growth. 

The author has interestingly used Chess Board as a metaphor, who with its moves and ideas helps Aryan to realize his potential while tackling his problems at work. The complexities of the games when put to life in order to succeed is the real cream of the story. Management lessons are beautifully set across with life examples in the 8 chapters of this book. 

A perfect read for people who have just stepped into the corporate world and are experiencing and exploring the new challenges at work. Lessons from this book will stay with you for a long time and keep you motivated to give your best in your field of work. In short it teaches you how from the square board of chess with 64 grids and 32 pieces, you can find abundant answers to your success. 

My take on the book: 

The book seemed a little slow in the start but gradually the story starts to get compelling as the main character Aryan begins to give his best and live each day as his last with the lessons that he learns from CB. It’s an easy read and can be finished in a single sitting. The corporate world has been picturized very aptly. 

The author has kept the language simple and flow of story interesting for the readers and Aryan’s transformational journey at work is very fascinating. If you play chess, you will love this book. 

The line that I really liked and think everyone should implement from this book is “Learning is best honored when it is exercised in the most needed hour” 

Now, will Aryan come out successful with his work and his team? Will he be able to tackle the problems at work with the lessons he has learned from CB? Get yourself a copy and read the book to know more. 

Its 4.5 on 5 for the riveting and motivating storyline with an interesting fictional character Chess Board guiding the main character and also for the story that keep the reader hooked on to the book. 

By mummatalks

Mom of two brats, use to work as an analyst now a SAHM. Love books.

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wow..thats a wonderful review. This plot reminds me of two movies. One is Wazir and the other is Queen to Play. Chess is a wonderful game and it does teach a lot about life.

Awesome! This book can open the doors of solutions to many corporate problems that people face regularly. Your review has all said about the gripping storyline; I will surely check this out.

I had read the blurb and some details of this book and really like the concept. your review was so crisp and It is impressive that you have shared many tiny details as per your reading experience.

Lately I have been interested in reading motivational books so that I get inspired and start something that I could never dare till now! This book will be added wish list!
Thanks for the review!

I personally like the game of chess, so this would make a good read . Plus it doesnt has many pages, so aother good reason to grab the copy

Sounds like an interesting plot. And what makes it all the more interesting is management principles are taught in a story form. I think that’s the best to teach a concept.

I am intrigued to know what happens with Aryan and how he positively deals with his work and team-related issues. Will surely catch hold of this book to read and know it myself. And I loved the title of the book as I am from Bengaluru too 🙂

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