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My 1st A2Z with Blogchatter- Theme Reveal and my road map to writing 26 blogs in a month

One thing that I learned in blogging is, to grow you need to write and write regularly. Initially when I started my blog in 2018, I was reluctant with my writing and went at a tortoise pace and wrote only when I felt like writing and not rack my brains on thinking of many interesting topic for my blog. Basically, my mind was not able to think of what to write. 

But the lockdown during pandemic time made me realize I was losing my chance to grow with my lack lustrous attitude and that I need to pull up my socks if I need to grow. So, I dived into writing and I dived hard and surfaced even better. 

In this attempt to grow, I participated in many Blog-a-thons and also joined the Blogchatter community. I started with #MyFriendAlexa and I took it as a challenge to write 8 blogs which I though was doable if I chose a topic which is closer to my heart. So, I wrote about books. To read #MyFriendAlexa blogs, click here.

Next when Blogchatter announced its A2Z campaign, I had to jump in without thinking about how it would be possible. Because I believe, challenges push you to do better and I didn’t want to not try. 

What is Blogchatter’s A2Z

It’s a fun Blogathon happening in the month of April where bloggers need to register first (register here). 

You need to write 26 blogs in a month. One blog a day, barring Sunday because we all need one day’s break. 

Each date corresponds to an alphabet. You can either use it in the title or use it tactfully in your blog. It’s all up to your creativity. 

Along with that you need to engage and read fellow participating bloggers articles so as to help increase the engagement and foot fall on each other’s blog. 

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The road map is all set. I have selected a different theme this time. It’s the genre in which I have worked for 7 years before I gave it all up to raise my little monkeys. Finance. I have already selected the topics and the sequencing of the blogs to make the flow of the articles more understandable. 

The first lot of blogs, around 4 to 5 will speak about the basics of Investment. 

The second lot of 3 to 4 blogs will talk about Budgeting and Retirement planning. 

In the third set of 3 to 4 blogs I am planning to talk about Debt and credit cards.

The next set of 3 to 4 blogs would be about how we can prepare for Home Loan and Mortgages.

In the fifth set, I choose to write on Kids and how they should be a part of your Investment plan.

And in the end, I tap on topics on how Women can take financial planning in their hand and as a family how should one plan their finances. 

My roadmap to Writing

I plan to start writing by 20th of March and keep at least 7 to 10 blogs ready by the start of April so that I just have to hit the publish button and I am done. This buffer will give me time to write my next set of blogs and also give me time to read blogs written by my other fellow bloggers who are a part of this campaign. 

I am ready with the titles of the 26 blogs, the dates and also reference links are kept ready to make my research easy so that I don’t make any mistakes while sharing finance related information with my readers. 

The theme I have chosen is broad and I have shortlisted the topics so that it doesn’t become too complex for my readers to understand and is even easy to follow and apply. 

Now all I have to do is now start writing. So, wish me luck.

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By mummatalks

Mom of two brats, use to work as an analyst now a SAHM. Love books.

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Awesome. Your theme is very unique. I am sure readers are going to love it. This year, I will not be participating in A2Z. But my best wishes are with you. Good luck!!

Interesting. thanks for throwing some light on it for the newcomers. I will take part for the first time and will write about motherhood. Let see how it goes. I am excited and ready to put in all the efforts. Thanks!

Wow great Hansa. your theme is so unique and I am sure it will prove informative for readers. I am looking forward to reading your post. all the best for challenge. I am also doing it, this year too. will do theme reveal next week.

Wow.. This is going to be very interesting as I always find investments and anything to do with finance very challenging but I am sure reading your post will be of great help. All the best dear.

You have rightly put to use your background as an analyst and aptly chosen finance as and investment as blog topics for the blogathon .It is a topic we all wish to learn more about. Hope to check out the blogs !

Finance is a topic that we all need to understand. I’m glad you chose to write about it. Am definitely going to be around to learn a thing or two!

A very nice and informative theme u have chosen. It would definitely make it worth a read. best wishes with this challenge

This year even I plan to participate in the a to Z challenge. I am confused about two themes as of now. Congratulations for you have selected your theme and I have to tell you that it’s quite an interesting one I definitely will be reading your blogs for sure

First of all, kudos on finalizing a sorted theme and a roadmap for this writing fest. Secondly, all the best for this and I am sure it is going to be an absolutely fun learning experience for you.

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