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My Mommy Strong is

We have heard this jingle in a TV commercial where a small girl is saying “My Daddy Strong is” but for me this has been true for my mom as well. 

I will start with a story. 

Married off to a foreign land, being the youngest girl child in the family, was the closest to her father. With a heavy heart, he bid her adieu with lots of blessings and love. 

Life was going smooth till one day; a tragic event took her husband away from her. She was just 35, left with two kids, a 13-year-old and a 12-year-old, all alone in land that didn’t belong to her. No family to fall back upon, she decided to go back to India where she knew everyone was there to support and love her in her time of loss. More than anything, she sought mental support from her family. 

She stressed on education for her kid’s as she didn’t want them to ever be dependent on anyone when it came to financial independence and also enabled them to face the world with confidence. Thankfully, her husband had invested and saved enough for her to lead a good life in his absence.

She gave her time and undivided attention to her kids as they completed their MBA and went on to secure a good job. And it didn’t end here. Her love, care and concern still continues, and not just for her kids but is now extended to her grandchildren as-well. 

This is a small and simple story about my MOM. We have seen her be strong and we have seen her feeling helpless. We have seen her stand up and fight and we have also seen her feel intimidated and scared. We have seen her smile and cry. We have seen her respect her traditions and yet when the time came to give away her daughter (that’s me) she broke the patriarchy and did the Kanya-Dan (giving away the bride). 

My mom performing my Kanyadaan during my wedding.
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To me, she is a symbol of being strong in the weakest moments of your life, being independent while being bounded and being there for when she is needed by anyone. True to her name, Leena – a devotion.

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Being the best nani that she is.
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She is the inspiration I seek when I see my two kids on how to be a selfless mom. How to love unconditionally and how to cherish life.

On this Women’s day and on every other day, Mother is the word I praise. 

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24 replies on “My Mommy Strong is”

Such a lovely and inspiring story this is Hansa for Women’s day. Please share my regards to her again for having such courage and being an inspiration to many who are going to read your blog.

Moms are an classic example of several emotions in one person. Its so surprising how they have the balance among all of them. Kudos to your mom for being so strong an to all the moms out there.

Such an inspiring journey of aunty to fight with all odds of life and stay strong. Indeed moms are strongest and I m glad you had taken this opportunity to share your mom’s inspiring journey with us.

God has gifted women so many good traits that men lack. Its a blessing to have a mom. You mom is strong, responsible and courageous.

MOM is surely the Master of Multitasking and no one manages things & emotions better than her.

I can feel what you must have felt while writing this, I have a little similar kind of the story of my mom. Every mom is inspiring and aunty is a solid pillar who raised wonderful and successful kids!!

All moms are the strongest and they are the pillars that hold society upright. Your mom’s story is really very inspiring and a great motivation to all of us.

God invented mothers since he couldn’t be everywhere. Your mom performing kanyadaan was so cool and you must be so proud of her. Like you, even I am in awe of my mother. She has sacrificed a lot for our family and stays strong and committed as ever. Thanks for sharing her story 🙂

I can totally relate to how inspired you might feel from your aunty. I have kind of similar story and I dont know how to describe but simple women like aunty or my mom could exuberate so much strength with responsibility of kids and an unbearable loss to bear. I dont think I would be able to match anywhere near to them. Hats off!

There is no second thought to it, we are everything because of the strong moms we have at the backend. I often say this to my mom, you are my backbone, though Dad’s too have that strong positioning, seeing the social pressures, when our moms didn’t succumb and let us breathe free… it says a lot.

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