Fellowship of “US”

“Nandita, look there, the bird sitting on the tree is so colorful. Nature is so amazing, loaded with oodles of colors, making everything so beautiful”, said Jaya pointing towards the bird. 

Nandita and Jaya loved their walks in the park every evening as they saw young people jog and run and some elderly people like them who had come to get some fresh air and talk about their day with their friends. 

Nandita and Jaya have been friends from school days and their friendship has been over 50 years now. From dancing in each other’s marriage to being happy when Nandita had kids, they have always been together. 

Nandita married Laxman and is now a mother of two children who are busy with their job in London. Jaya who got married a year later to Mukesh is childless after so many years. Jaya at times was envious of Nandita who was able to birth two kids while she was not bestowed with this happiness. 

“Nandita, don’t you miss your children? Why don’t you call them and ask them to visit you?” asked Jaya. 

“I spoke to Manav and Arjun last week and they seem to be very busy with their work and getting a leave right now is very tough for them. You know how it is. With so much competition, it’s better to prioritize work, right? Though they do call us regularly and ask us to visit them but its Laxman and I who always decline to visit them in London. You know I can’t handle the cold weather and the rains; they are so unpredictable in London. The weather is so gloomy. I did rather stay here and enjoy my golden days.”

Jaya was happy to hear that Nandita’s kids put in the time and effort to call their parents regularly and even wanted them in London to be with them. 

“Will you hang-up maa, you know I am busy and I have no time to hear your stories and what you did yesterday and who came to visit you. I am not interested. So please stop calling me. I am busy with my life.” Stormed Manav over the phone. 

“But it’s been so long since we last spoke, you both brothers’ don’t even call. You don’t have time to even ask about how your maa and papa are doing? Why don’t you both call us beta?” asked Nandita hoping for a reply. 

“We are busy mom. We don’t have all the time like you and dad” and Manav hung up on his mother. 

A tear rolled down her eye as Nandita hung up and stared at the old phone when she heard a sound. She turned around to find Jaya standing in the hallway who had overheard the entire conversation. 

A call can connect the world but can also
cuts the cord of hearts.
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Jaya hugged Nandita who was feeling ashamed of the lies she had been weaving about her kids of how loving and caring they are towards their parents despite being miles away. Jaya didn’t say a word. She hugged Nandita as that’s all she knew when it came to comforting. 

“Where did I go wrong Jaya, I raised my kids to be so respectful and independent and today they bang the phone on their parents so nonchalantly like it doesn’t even matter. How could they change so much?”

“It’s not you dear”, replied Jaya. “It’s your love. You went beyond your capacity to give them everything and now they have taken that love for granted. You have been the best parent I’ve ever seen.” Jaya wiped the tears off Nandita’s cheek as they sat down to sip their cup of tea before leaving for their evening walk. Their 50 years of friendship was the only thing that had stood the test of time. 

At the park bench, Nandita and Jaya went back to reminiscing their childhood days, laughing and giggling like young girls as they talked about the beautiful memories that they have made over the years.

Not always is blood thicker than water. Sometimes water is all you need to sail through your life.

P.S. This is the first time that instead of taking a photo from the internet, I have attempted to draw the title image to give it a more personal touch to the story after which I have edited it a bit.

This post is written for StorytellersBlogHop FEB 2021 by Ujjwal & MeenalSona #storytellersbloghop

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Its a beautiful and emotional story that you’ve written Hansa. I’ve seen something similar in real life and how it hurts the elderly when kids do not give them time when they need it the most. Loved the image that you’ve drawn. A very personal touch indeed!

Thanks a lot Seema. Through this story I have tried to tap that part of life when all parents want is their children to love and respect them and cherish them but some fail to do so.

Beautifully written and expressed. Though it’s the sad truth of life. And loved ur drawing too.

Your drawing was really good. But this story reminded me of a line, ‘Its all about loving your parents’, I exactly don’t remember where I heard it but this line came to my mind while I was reading this emotional story of Jaya and Nandita…

What an amazing story Hansa. Jaya and Nandita’s friendship is so endearing and touching. But the relationship between the parents and their children is really hear-wrenching. Unfortunately we live in a world, where after a point of time, parents cannot expect simple love and time from their own kids. I got reminded of the story Baghban which also presented the plight of parents in their old age. Fantastic attempt at spinning a fictional yet realistic narrative.

I loved your drawing. So apt for the story of 2 friends chatting. And it is so true…many kids dont have time for their parents. But once they marry and have kids of their own they suddenly start keeping in touch as they need nanny services.

The drawing, story, narration and your presentation everything was just so good. Thank you for writing a piece of emotional bonds.

Sometimes, parents cover up their kid’s behavior but deep down they feel broken and sad. Good friendships can sail us through such times.
I was going to ask you if you drew the image for this post. Its very beautiful.

first I really like the image in post and I really appreciate your efforts to give story a personal touch. the story was a mirror of sad reality of our society where many parents did not get much deserve respect and care from their kids, in older age. the narration was so crisp and I would be able to visualize whole scene.

Wow, beautiful piece of fiction, Hansa. Unfortunately, this is the truth of half of our society. Parent’s love can not be taken for granted in any way. I have seen the people like Arjun and Manav. I am still dwelling in your truthful, wonderful lines, “Not always is blood thicker than water. Sometimes the water is all you need to sail through your life”.

Story of the world. Some parents don’t realize how much their love is just taken for granted and then they wonder what happened. Hopefully, some are watching their parenting and the next generation will have some respectful kids. Keeping our fingers crossed.

Hats off to you For pulling this emotional story with such aplomb! I loved your creative, the narration and the pace of storytelling!! The emotional turmoil that parents undergo after kids go awry is indeed heart wrenching. Thank goodness the girlfriends had each other’s company for comforting the pain. Well written!!

It is a beautiful and touching story. We tend to ignore our parents when we get busy with our lives. But we should not forget that silly talks with the kids would mean the world to the parents. The picture you have created it awesome. The artwork and editing are just perfect.

I love the picture u have created; goes with the beautiful narration. I just wish the young generation is more sensitive towards older one.

What a beautiful story. Also, great illustration..simple but hits the nail. Look forward to reading more from you.

I still remember after watching bhagbang in the theatre saw an old couple crying and being a teenager I just passed the statement “It never happen like this ..faltu movie hai”. The old aunty next to me scolded me like anything saying “hota hai…you never understand”. I felt ashamed and decided never to pass the judgment. You have written the bitter truth of society!!

It’s such an emotional and heart touching story. When children don’t understand the pain of ageing parents , it is agony and despair that they feel in real sense. And sometimes it’s so helpless that you can not change any situation but just have to bear it. I loved your concluding line a lot.

Well said. Great friendships are to be cherished. Distance might put a wedge between children and parent relations but parents should not stop living for this.

You are really talented, the pic is beautiful so is your story. Though it’s fiction but depict reality of what’s happening all around. You are right water is all we need to sail through sometimes.

it’s a beautiful story but carries the bitter truth of our society. True that parents don’t get the love, respect from their kids.. I love this beautiful piece of write up.

Glad you shed light on what happens so often but is either overlooked or brushed under the carpet. Uncaring children are aplenty. Thank God for faithful friends. Such a beautiful story with wisdom in between the lines.

Oh yes blood relations are not thick everytime. I have seen this and glad you wrote about it. Sometimes it fills me with disgust how we humans become so selfish.

Your drawing and writing are both wonderful! This is the sad story of many elderly parents nowadays. It is people and friendships like these that make them sail through. Loved that quote, btw.

First of all, I loved your attempt to draw the picture that completely goes well with the write-up. It’s simple and beautiful. Loved your narration on such a less talked about topic.

Nice story Hansa. It’s all about the attitude of the children towards their parents. There is nothing as ‘no time to call parents’.
And yes, there is need for a friend to comfort like what Jaya rightly did.
Enjoyed reading it.

Touching story. Sensitively expressed.
Sad when kids treat parents this way.
Women unable to give birth to kids aren’t treated very kindly.
What’s the whole point of taking pains to give birth, and raise kids if they turn out like this? How different is the life of such a mother as compared to one who never could be mother?

Hansa, you have created what’s happening around. I feel the generation is much more detached than we think, not sure whoes fault it is but this is reality of many households in our country.
Narrated beautifully.

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