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Take the brush and make a stroke- Art and kids

We all know Art is fun and liberating. It is a tool to detox for some while others paint out of passion. It’s a medium to unleash your creativity and also get your mind working as you pour your thoughts into canvas.

But did you know that for child, Art holds much more importance than that. Like us even children express through their Art. Sometimes you can see your children drawing their family or someone they dearly love like their pet. At times they will draw what’s in their mind, like my son who is always drawing cars or solar system because that’s what he is passionate about while my daughter can’t stop drawing dresses for her barbies. 

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So first let’s see why Art is so important: 

  1. It’s a medium to express: Free form of Art is the best way to unleash your child’s creativity. Give them a box of crayons and a book and watch them rein their imagination on paper or canvas.  

2. Helps unleashes their creativity: Art form allows children to unleash their creativity and think out of the box. You would be amazed to see how they link two absolutely unrelated things and come up with something interesting. My son, as I said loves to draw cars, so the other day he drew a flower on a car and said “This is for my Mumma”. I was amazed at how he connected the two and drew something so nice for me. The ability to be creative is vital in today’s world.

3. It’s a great Stress Buster: Like adults, even children get stressed and Art is the best way to help them cope with it. Art can become their language when they are not willing to speak what’s going on in their mind. You can use art as a bandage to their psychological bruises. 

4. Helps in developing Math skills: Surprised to read this right. But it’s true that with art, kids get to understand, shapes, sizes, space and distance. 

Both my kids love to do art & craft and paint. So, during the lockdown, I kept them occupied with colors and paints. We did a lot of artwork on canvas and some pour painting too which was real fun for both my kids. 

Pour painting done by son- AaryaVeer. This image belongs to and reuse of any form is not permitted.

But I wanted to use this time to enhance Aayera’s skills in art and got surfing the net to look out for some interesting online Art classes which would add value to her existing fondness for art. 

That’s when I came across Kolkata based Impart Art Academy, an online Art institute. 

Impart Art Academy- Let’s know them:

They say art and learning has no age limit and so Impart Art Academy coaches everyone from 5 years to 75 years plus. Of various mediums of art like pencil sketching, charcoal, soft pastels, pen and ink to watercolors and mixed medium, they teach it all. They organize workshops for acrylic learning, and all these being taught by none other than professional artists.

They also conduct one on one tutoring in their online as well as physical batches for students who wish for undivided attention. Impart Art Academy has now started mentoring students with their Art Portfolio’s for admission to a collage’s for design, art, architecture and fashion within India as well as abroad. 

Impart Art AcademyPresence:

With 3 centers in Kolkata, Impart has its presence in Dubai, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, UK and USA.

Impart Art AcademyStudents:

Impart prides in sending it students to prestigious colleges like NIFT, NID, SRISTHI and many more across India and also PARSONS, PRATT, LASALLE, UCL and many other colleges abroad as well. 

Impart Art AcademyExhibitions

The academy conducts art exhibition every year since its inception, showcasing artwork of its students. The show comprises of approximately 200 artworks in different size, form and medium and is open to public to view. So, if you are interested in buying any artwork from amateur or a budding artist, Impart Art exhibition is for you. 

Impart Art AcademyMy experience:

Impart Art Academy is a place to go if you are looking at growing in art and learning it from professionals and I say this from personal experience because Aayera had a wonderful time learning different form of art every week and making some awesome art pieces as you have seen in the images shared. Class has a small batch of students with attention being paid to each and every child. The classes are not rushed in anyways and enough time is given to each student to finish the work. Each step from drawing to coloring and giving the finishing, each step is taken slowly and explained in detailed. 

As a parent, I highly recommend Impart Art Academy for kids and even for you.

You can visit there website here and check their instagram page here

So what are you waiting for, embark on a colorful journey now with gamut of colors and express your myriad emotions through art.

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Art is so important to kids. That was the one thing my daughter asked about because she’s starting a new school next year. Sadly in our part of California the arts and music have been pushed to the bottom of the priority list luckily my daughter can find great tutorials online to learn some things.

Great post! And the artwork shared was amazing!!!!

Wow this is a good to go post for we all parents seriously art is one of the best education we can give our kids and along with them even we can enjoy the colours and keep them engaged

I agree with all the points you have mentioned about the importance of art for kids. My son, too, loves art, and I have been thinking of enrolling him in some online art classes. Now, after reading about your experience with Impart Art Academy, I really want to check them out.

Art is important for everyone. Thank you for sharing your experience with impart Art academy. I will check out their class options.Looks like a great opportunity to learn.

Yes, art is a stress buster. I used to paint a lot till early 20s but then lost touch. Now really want to start at some point in life.

My both girls love art and craft so much, i agree with all the points you had mentioned here about benefits of art. indeed it is best way to develop creativity and imagination power in kids. Impart academy sounds like a great option to teach art to our kids. will check out their website for sure.

Aarav was least intrested in coloring and painting. But I kept giving him some time dedicated to coloring everyday and now he enjoys it. It has many benefits as you mentioned. Thanks for sharing about the Art academy.

Its good that I read this article today. I had been trying to get my daughter to art classes and nice to know Impart Academy is there for that.

Wow, online art Academy for all age people is so good news. I will surely recommend this to my friends who want to get into the art but need a guidance. Your child has done very beautiful art pieces.

Art is indeed a very creative outlet for kids. It also helps kids fuel their energies positively and constructively.

Art plays a more important role in child development than you might think. Artistic activities help children learn other subjects such as reading and math. It also promotes visual, motor and social development.

I am personally lover of art and craft. Having passion of same i want my son to have the same . It relief stress , opens mind , fine motor skills …
Love your this ideas as well

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