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2021- So far so good

Close to completing the 30 days trial period of 2021 and so far, I have decided not to cancel my subscription. 

Like the saying goes “once bitten, twice shy“, We all have stepped into 2021 with much apprehension after a disastrous 2020 where the world was at its feet with the Covid virus taking over the globe.

But 2021 has shown us some interesting and some fun  news to keep the tone of this year right so far. 

So let’s see how has the first Month of 2021 been globally.

1. One thing that the world prayed for in 2020 was a vaccine for COVID and 2021 started with news that India has begun its covid vaccination program, the first major developing country to have rolled out this plan to immune nearly 1.3billion people. 

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2. A pregnancy of a celebrity is always top news, at-least in Indian media and while we had many celebs announcing their pregnancy in 2020, ace cricketer Virat Kohli and his actress  wife Anushka Sharma announced the birth of their girl child. The couple requested the media to respect their privacy as they celebrate and so we will have to wait some more time till we get to see some pictures. 

3. Donald Trump’s social media account being suspended from Twitter, FB and Youtube citing the reason of “risk of further incitement of violence“. These media channels pulled the plug after the day of attack at Capitol and the world went ballistic with memes floating all over the social media poking mockery at the Ex-President. 

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4. Having spoken about Donal Trump and the attack at Capitol, how can we not talk about the swaying of an Indian flag amidst the sea of US flags by a Virginia based Indian entrepreneur, Vincent Palanthigal who reasoned that he carried the flag for his patriotic fervor and love for the Indian Flag and not to defame it. This act gained strong reaction from Indians globally as they took to social media to express their anger and annoyance over sighting an Indian tricolor in a riot happening in another country. 

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5. While we are still talking about America, we need to mention a name that has not just made her family proud but set a buzz the 1.3billion people of India. Kamala Harris was sworn in as the 49th VP of America, the 1st Female, black and a south Asian in the US history. She has the world looking at her with expectations and girls inspiring from her as she takes over US as the new VP. 

Kamala Harris. Image courtesy Google.

6. Coming back to India and Indians love for cricket, how can we miss the glorious victory in the test series with Australia where India was all bowled out for a record low score of 36 in Adelaide but fought it till the end to come out victories in the series with 2-1 after winning the last and final test in Brisbane. 

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With all these news, 2021’s 1st chapter has been exciting as we eagerly wait to see or rather experience the rest of 2021. With more and more people being vaccinated, we hope to see India in a better position this year in fighting COVID so that life can resume its old course- the old Normal that we all once took granted for. 

Ending with a hope that at personal level, you too had a great start to 2021. See you around the rest of 2021 and beyond.

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Feeling positive after reading your post dear. Indeed all these points are highlighting of 2021 so far and among all these I m eagerly waiting for proven effectiveness of vaccine against COVID 19 ,so I can plan my India visit soon without having fear and anxiousness.

That is an interesting round up of the 1st month of 2021. Yes the beginning of the year has been quite positivee

Yes true. It’s been a good start to the year. And the vaccine has brought so much hope. Really hope this year goes well.

After a storm there is always a happiness…. feeling so positive after reading this blog …. special Kamala Harris , really happy to see her where she is 🌟

After every storm there us a happiness … feeling so positive after reading all this great points .. specially Kamala Harris ….

You covered some of the great news from the first month of 2021 and that indeed gives a lot of hope for the coming months. We are so happy to hear the news of the Covid vaccination program in India.

You have given a quick comprehensive recap of the incidents so far. I loved how you have explained everything. It is quirky, informative and equally thought provoking. It made be look back to the past one month too. This is a great thought to analyse.

Another year on the roll.I loved your selection of 2021 hood news and not so good ones.Life is on it seems after a strange 2020

2021 will bring good luck and cheer to countless people around the world. I’m pretty hopeful about that. Sports, for example, will play a big role in bringing smile to a lot of people. I also hope that the vaccination ends the fear surrounding Corona.

What a wonderful collection and start of 2021. I feel good after reading your post. 2021 has really something imidst.

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