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Bringing a New-Born home- How to Get your house baby ready

As a first-time parent, the excitement to get the new born baby home is very exhilarating. But a new born comes with its own list of “I need” and “Must have”. From their rockers, to cribs, medicines and prams, everything needs to be accommodated in to your house or room.

People with big houses design a baby nursery with all things necessary before- hand and there are some parents like us, who had to accommodate the new-born in our own room till we got a bigger house. In my last trimester, my husband and I got the entire interior of our room re-done to facilitate the soon to arrive baby. Space to store her clothes to having enough space to keep her other stuff, we planned everything. 

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Though we know that there is still some time till the little one scoots around the house exploring things, baby proofing while getting the house/nursery done is equally important. As it’s not just for the baby but also for the parents as wet floor or a shaky furniture in the house and a baby in hand can pose an indirect risk to the baby too. 

So here are 7 things that we adopted and recommend to get the house new-born ready. 

Deep Clean: First and foremost, while the house can look clean, it’s the minutest of dust that can cause allergy and infection to the new-born. Hence, it’s better to get the house deep cleaned. Specially the room where the baby is going to stay. 

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Proper ventilation: With the baby in house, you want to make sure that your room is well ventilated and there is fresh air for the baby. So, open the windows during the daytime for your new-born to enjoy some fresh air too. 

Make room for storage: New born’s specially have lots of tiny clothes which need to be stored properly. Make sure you get the cupboards cleared or get a new one added in your room. Also, the bed side is going to be taken up by baby medicines and bottles, so make sure that are is kept clean too. 

Declutter the house: You know baby is going to eat up a lot of space in the house and more is always less when it comes to baby. Hence, it’s better you start discarding what’s not required to make room for more. From furniture to clothes, do away with everything that is taking up unnecessary space in your house. 

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Clean up the washrooms: While hygiene levels need to go one notch up in the wash- room specially, you also need to make space for tons of baby products that are going to be used for its bathing and cleaning. Not just shampoo and bathing bottles, but you have to also accommodate bathing chairs and bathing tubs. 

Baby Proof the edges: Though the baby is too small to move around, it’s still better to baby proof the edges of sharp furniture to avoid any sort of accidents. You get foam tapes and corner guards which can help you out. 

Stock up basic baby items: Its always better to be ready with baby diapers and clothes once you are getting closer to your delivery date as you don’t know when the baby decides to come out and you may not get time to prepare later with the baby in hand. 

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Getting your house ready for your baby need not be very stressful. Rather you and your partner can start by the third trimester. Once the house is set, just relax and wait for the baby to arrive. 

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Great tips Hansa and I agree arrival of new baby requires many set of pre planning. you had included all needed steps in this post. deep cleaning and organizing proper space priorly is much needed to avoid end moment tension. your post will help lots of parents-to-be people to plan ahead properly .

Making room for storage is one important point that we often ignore. Afterwards our rooms would be stuffed with baby things and we won’t be able to move anything out with the little one home. Very important points

Arrival of a new baby in the house definitely needs a lot of preps to be done in advance and your blog is a perfect checklist for it with great ideas and tips. With my little guy I had to do alot of changes in the house as well as in our room.

Preparing house for new born is very essential and has to be done prior basis. I completely agree that preparing for space and deep cleaning are important factors. One thing would like to add is prepare siblings and partner with the talks about the attention the baby needs initially and that would not lesser the love of a mother towards the first child and also saying the same to husband that you will equally love him like before. Such prep talks make things easier when baby is home.

The home needs a complete makeover before bringing a baby home. Not just cleanliness, one has to make room to fit their stuff and make sure they can be alone and undisturbed. Good points shared here!

Preparation before our little bundle of joy comes home can be quite challenging. This list is definitely going to be helpful for expecting parents

This post will come handy for a lot of new moms out there in preparing the house before they welcome their little ones. Loved reading this and wil be sharing it too 🙂

A tiny bundle in the arms calls for drastic changes in lifestyle and prep at home, isn’t it? Nowadays you have tons to do. For us back then it was so basic. We didn’t even have disposable diapers. Am sure new moms will truly benefit from your detailed post, dear

Loved all the tips hansa. Indeed it is very important to be well prepared and taking care of all important aspect that you mentioned here for babies. Deep cleaning is so important specially with recent pandemic situation.

U have mentioned good tips to get the home ready for the newborn. I am sure this post would help new parents.

Absolutely! It is important to deep clean and ensure safety gear in place at home, afterall babies are a curious lot. I would also suggest getting door stoppers to avoid accidental lock in

Bringing new wonders of joy home is really the best feeling and preparing home accordingly is really important, I’m happy to read your tips it us going to help a lot many new parents.

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