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My Reading Challenge for 2021 and the books I intend to read.

Firstly, Happy New Year everyone. Hope 2021 brings lots of happiness and joy in your life. We had a splendid end to the year 2020 by traveling to Delhi- Gurgaon and from there we drove to Shimla and Kufri to welcome 2021 with snow all around us.

For all those who have been following my blog know by now that I am a bibliophile, a hoarder and a late night reader. I take reading challenges every year on various platforms to keep myself up with my reading list and of the last 3 years, I have hit my target 2 times and missed it in 2020- you know all the housework and no help, left me with little time.

But a new year brings new beginnings and this year I am participating in the Blogchatters #TBRChallenge and I’m super stoked about it. For this year I have set a target of 25 books. Ya ya some readers may thing this is too less- well I have 2 kids, a husband along with a house to look after too. For people who think this is too much- I said I love my books and I read the night away.

So you want to know what the challenge is all about and how to join in? Read on.

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  1. It’s a reading challenge, so you are suppose to read books. Simple.
  2. Create your profile with Blogchatter and fill in all your details.
  3. Set your target for the books. Keep it realistic.
  4. Once a book is completed, upload the cover image on your dashboard on Blogchatter.
  5. Share your participation with the world with a social media post and on your Blog page.
  6. You have the whole year to hit the target.

My Target

For the year 2021, I am setting a target of 25 books. For me, the start of the year and the end of the year include a lot of reading but it does get sluggish during summer breaks and diwali breaks when my kids have holidays. I can generally complete 2 or 2.5 books in a month so my target seems attainable to me.

Books that I intend to read in 2021

I like to read books based in different places, historical fiction and by female authors. I am sharing 10 of the 25 books that I will for sure read this year are.

  1. A Gentleman in Moscow – Amor Towles
  2. Family Tree – Sairish Hussain
  3. Ratno Dholi, The best stories of Dhumketu – Translated by Jenny Bhatt
  4. In Search of Heer – Manjul Bajaj
  5. Season of Crimson Blossom – Abubakar Adam Ibrahim
  6. Home Fire – Kamila Shamsie
  7. Goodbye Freddie Mercury – Nadia Akbar
  8. Sister of my Heart – Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
  9. The Book Thief – Markus Zusak
  10. The Far Filed – Madhuri Vijay

For the rest 15 books, I will go for one book on poetry as I’ve not read any so far. I also intend to read a book based on Indian history. For this, I have two books in mind – Indian Summer by Alex Tunzelman or Discovery of India – a book written by Jawaharlal Nehru himself during his time in confinement in prison. I also intend to read one more book by Elif Shafak, my favorite female author and one book by Khushwant Singh whose satirical writing I really enjoy. I will also keep my eyes on new releases and also try to get my hands on some classic must read.

So for all the book enthusiasts here, what are you waiting for, join in the #TBRChallenge and register with Blogchatter to be a part of this fun challenge. And if you have already registered, High Five.

You can read my earlier Blogchatter challenge of #MyFriendAlexa Season 5 here where I had written 8 blogs on interesting things about books.

Till Next time

Happy Reading!!

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Wow you are such an avid readers and loved your list of books. You know dear I was also thinking to join the Blogchatter reading challenge but then somehow with the current pandemic situation not get enough confidence to complete it. After reading your post feeling inspired to think about it again.

Thats quite an ambitious list. I love blogchatters campaigns that help us in a way that makes us better in our writing and reading g journey and eventually we can make a difference with our words.

This is so cool, having a reading bucket list that you want to complete in 2021. I have a big problem following any challenges, I think this will help me making a list of books I want to finish realistically.

Of all the books you’re planning to read, I would love to read “Goodbye Freddie Mercury” by Nadia Akbar. Freddie has been an iconic singer and performer, and his life has been full of adventures. I’d like to know about his farewell journey.

This is really great list. Some of the books looks interesting will love to read few of them. Thanks for sharing this list with us

You really have mentioned some interesting names. I am historical freak too. I ha be e also tOen part in blogchatter TBR challenge!

The Book Reading Challenge is definitely advantageous to keep up the reading habits. I loved your TBR Hansa. The Book Thief is an excellent read and one of the well acclaimed too. Few of the other books are there in my TBR too. All the best and enjoy!

wow 25 books in an year.. that seems a herculean task for me. All the best for this challenge . Your book selection is great.

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