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Winter care for kids

Winter is all about being cuddled up and sipping hot coco and we all love winters for that but as the mercury drops, kids need proper care as they are highly susceptible to cold and flu. Kids immune system is not fully developed to fight the virus and hence it calls for furthermore care in winter when the humidity levels are low and cold air allows virus to thrive. 

Since winters have finally arrived and so has the fear of cold and flu. So, here is a list curated to keep our kids winter proof.

  • Clothing: Onset of winter brings with it the chills and while we can’t stop the kids from stepping out, we can make sure that they are well clothed and layered up to keep them warm. Dress the child depending on the place and the intensity of winters. For places where it gets really cold, choose woolen clothes as the insulated feature of woolen material helps to keep them warm. Protect the face, head and neck with caps, gloves and scarfs.
  • Water: Since we don’t sweat much in winters, we tend to drink less water. Make sure the water consumption by the child is proper. In order to avoid dehydration, include juices rich in Vitamin C in their diet. Hot Coco also makes a great option to strengthen their immunity and keep them warm at the same time. You can also include warm soups in their meal. 
  • Cold Creams: Kids have a very sensitive skin and winters can make it itchy and flakey. Even the lips and cheeks can get chapped. It’s important to apply a good chemical-free cold creams and lip balms at least twice a day to keep their skin healthy. Use a cream which is rich in milk cream and butter. If not moisturized regularly, the skin can be dry and cause eczema. 
  • Massage: Massaging is the great way to help blood flow and increase the sense of well-being which invariably boosts the immunity of the baby. Massage with a good oil which is suitable to your child’s skin and make sure to sit in a warm room while massaging. 
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  • Hand wash: We tend to use water sparingly in winters specially for the kids. But a hand wash is required to keep the germs at bay. So, keep warm water ready for the child to wash the hands before their meals to avoid any infections. 
  • Immunity boosting food: Since kids have a tendency to attract virus and infection easily, it’s important to maintain their health and immunity well and hence a good diet rich with nutrients is important. Tip: Try to include more garlic in food as it has antiviral and anti-bacterial properties. 
  • Sun: When it gets a bit sunny, make sure to take your child out in the sun. Sun is the main source of Vitamin D and due to decreased sun exposure in winters, kids tend to develop Vitamin D deficiency. Also don’t forget to wear that sunscreen.
  • Humidifier: If you leave in a colder region, a humidifier in kid’s room is a must. As we use heating tools to keep the room warm, it robs the air from its water vapor, making it dry and a humidifier can help maintain the moisture levels. 
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  • Vaccination: It’s good to give a flu vaccination to your child before the onset of winters as flu virus can lead to contagious respiratory illnesses. This is advisable as during winters kid’s immunity levels drop and they are more prone to falling sick. 
  • Maintain your own hygiene: Germs can find a smallest possible way to enter into the kid’s body. You are the first point of contact with your child. Hence when you have to attend your child, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly and sanitize them.  

While there are reasons, we can get worried about our kid’s health during winters, most important is to relax and enjoy the winters with your little ones. So, sip on the hot coco, get a book, tuck your child in a blanket with you and enjoy the winter chills. 

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Great post Hansa and apt for season. Indeed winter is a season in which our kids require extra care. Specialty the maintenance of hydration is must as during winter we feel less thirsty.

While we pay attention to warm clothes and food, points like hygiene and water intake often get ignored. Some good helpful points here that parents must keep in mind.

Winters are harsh, very true! Taking care of your little ones skin and keeping their skin moisturized is very important.
Well written!

Winter is full of fun and adventure, but cold weather can be dangerous for children. Parents should protect kids from cold and flu during winters. You mentioned some amazing points here. Thanks for sharing.

In Delhi, where we live, winter temperatures can drop significantly around January. Heaters are an absolute must. And for children who are more prone to cold and cough, it is important to wear an extra layer of woollen clothes and cover their ears, feet, whenever possible. Nice post as always, Hansa 👍

You have mentioned some important points which sometimes we tend to overlook. Massage and drinking water is money important.

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