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The year I learned about Life-2020

The mood is set, we all are gearing up to welcome 2021 with hope for a better year and freedom from a war that the world has been fighting together- Corona. 

But as we get ready to step into the new year, let’s turn back a few pages of 2020 and revisit the lessons that it taught us. 

Family: One thing that everyone relies on yet takes for granted is family. But 2020 got everyone to stick together and be with their loved ones. The time spent with one another and being close in the time of crisis was like a blessing. For a father who got to spend very less time with kids was now spending days and nights with them doing things he seldom got to do. 

Gratitude: One can’t be thankful enough for all the food and facilities that we got in the time of pandemic thanks to everyone who was courageous enough to step out so that we could be facilitated. You can’t bid adieu to 2020 without gratitude for everything that you had to survive the year. 

Determination: If one is determined, nothing can break you or take you down and this is what 2020 taught us. Covid situation made us realize that it’s the strength and will of mind and body to fight the virus by staying away from it and being close to the family. 

Stop the clock: Life was like clockwork, moving with every tick but 2020 got everything to a standstill. What we thought could not be postponed or delayed a day was deferred for months. Our complains of less time and more work was answered by 2020 as it allowed us to rekindle our passion and hobby which had taken a back seat as we were entangled in the rigmarole of life. From time with family to time for passion, 2020 gave us everything. 

Perspective: 2020 has given everyone a new perspective to life. It changed our outlook towards life and people around us. While we spent our past years competing and comparing with others, this year, all we did was to survive, breathe and thank our stars. 

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Amidst despair and fear, one finds strength and ability to fight. I believe everyone would concur with me when I say 2020 has turned us into a better version of our own selves. Despite all the craziness, there have been beautiful moments one will remember for life. For everyone who has lived in 2020, this year will go down in the history of their life’s book filled with experiences and stories to share. 

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2020 has been a different year for al of us. To me it was eventful. I achieved a lot on professional ground and on personal level, Was able to discover many new sides of my personality. Happy New Year in advance!!

I agree with you. 2020 has helped us to emerge stronger and better than before. We’ve learnt the importance of family time and gratitude like never before. These are priceless life lessons.

Yes dear this year has taught us many valuable life lessons. And also we have become a better version of ourselves. Personally I had learnt we should never take any thing for granted and should keep an attitude of gratitude for our blessings.

2020 has really been an introspecting year for me! I am doing something that I never imagined I would be! Writing , web development, marketing are somethings I had never even thought I would be doing.

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