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Educational Toys – Why are they important for our kids?

We all know that from an early age, a child’s mind is expanding and hence learning through play can really help in their overall development. Simply by touching and feeling the shape, size and texture of the toy can enhance their memory and help in sensory skills. The act of holding, balancing and placing of the toys helps to evolve the part of brain that is responsible for dexterity and ordination hence building on fine motor skills. Toys also help enhance the thought process, reasoning and logical conclusions leading to cognitive growth. Imagination that is triggered by toys can turn few a simple blocks into a wall, building or a tower. For all these right reasons, it’s very important as a parent for us to invest in the right kind of toys. It’s also important to keep a track of their development and keep adding new toys as and how they progress.

From as early as one month of age, you can introduce educational toys to your kid’s and you will be amazed at how engaged the child can be. 

  • Blocks
  • Light & Sound toys 
  • Soother
  • Musical toys
  • Rattlers
  • Wind Chimes
Wind chime from

From age 1 to 2, they become more mobile and their curiosity to know about everything increases.  You can also get them theme-based toys to help them develop recognition skills. For example, you can get them an Animal themed set and while playing make the sound of each animal. 

  • String push and pull toys
  • String beads toy
  • Theme books
  • Theme sets
  • Stacking rings
  • Nesting cups 
  • Shape sorters
Pull along toy from
Stacking rings toys from

At age 2 to 3, introduce toys which involve more physical activity and mobility. This is the right time to get them toys which help them to write and scribble and also introduce books. Also introduce them to letters, colors and shapes. 

  • Drawing easel 
  • Magnetic building tiles 
  • Counting toys
  • Car and ball sliders
  • Stackers
  • Shape and color sorting 
Tower Stacker toys from
Car slider toy from

At 3 to 4, the child’s mind has developed to do a bit of problem solving and it’s time to introduce them to small puzzles and thinking games. Also, at this age, kids join play school, so you can get them games and toys which can help them build a grip and write letters and help learn to count. 

  • Carving letters and numbers
  • Flash Cards
  • Small puzzles
  • Memory Game
  • Bowling set 
  • Basketball Hoop 
Wooden Bowling set from
Zebra Puzzle from

From 4 to 5, the child has developed a good base on numeracy and letters and there is an explosion in learning ability of the child at this age so it’s the best time to introduce them to interactive toys. Kids at this age also enjoy pretend play like being a pilot, police officer or a doctor. 

  • Play laptops 
  • Legos
  • Action Figures and Barbies
  • Board games with less reading and easy play
  • Globe to teach them about continents
  • Word building sets
Wooden Globe from
Word building set from

From the age 6 onwards your child will have his or her own interest. Some kids would enjoy solving big puzzles, some would love to build complex toys or making beaded jewelry, and other would enjoy doing experiments. It’s the time you get them things that excite and interest them. 

  • Construction sets
  • STEM Toys
  • Board games that involve strategy like Monopoly
  • Sports Equipment’s
  • DIY Sets
A travel set from
DIY activity set from

Since I have two kids, both falling in different age groups, I have to make sure I get the right toys for both of them to enjoy and learn from it at the same time. 

The online schooling added to my jitters as I had to teach my kids at home and get their concepts cleared in an easy way. So while my daughter has her ways of learning, for my son, its not easy to make him repeat and write and remember things. He grasps things better when done in a different and an innovative way. So, I got him a “Magnetic Letter Word Building and Learning Set”. With this, he enjoyed making the words with the magnetic letters and write them down on his own. Education can be done in varied forms and need not just be paper and pencil. 

Word Building set I got from

After doing a lot of online hunt for educational toys for my kids, I came across and I was amazed with the variety of skill-based play and learn toys, wooden toys , STEM & STEM toys, Activity boxes, Puzzles and complete Montessori range that they have on their website. 

With over 50+ brands on board like Skola, Ariro, Thasvi, Kidken, Kido and more, this site is a one stop shop for parents who are looking out to get educational toys and games for their kids from age 0 to 12 years. 

Easy to use website of which makes choosing and selecting toys easy and convenient for parents.

With an easy to use website which makes selection of toys easy with Age, Topic and Skill wise categories, you will find toys for Baby, toddlers, preschoolers and Grade schoolers. 

Playing is our brains favorite way of learning- Diane Ackerman. With the school shut and kids spending more time at home, parents have to get more creative to make studies fun and interesting for the kids and there is nothing better than educational toys to help you. So spread the Joy and choose gifts for kids from the wide array of options that is available at .

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I agree with you the right toys play an important role in a child’s growth, especially in their cognitive development. I will check out for some educational toys for my son too. Thanks for sharing about it!

Educational toys are very important for kids especially at this tender age where their mind is still developing. You have mentioned quite a good names.

Wow great post and you had suggested many educational toys option as per kids age. Now my girls are big . But will suggest thus website to my brother. I am sure he will find great options for his kids.

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I personally love art-craft gifts, and i also like the other suggestions you have made- will check them out.

It’s very true that kids are very tender and they learn a lot in their growing age. We must carefully choose the type of games for an heathy overall development. Thanks for sharing a thoughtful list of games.

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What a detailed post about the age group and toy selection. Giftwaley looks like a great gifting option for kids.I really wish my kids were young again and I could buy them some of these toys 🙂

You’re absolutely spot on about the educational toys. I used to buy a lot of these toys when my kids were growing up. It kept them engaged and fueled their creativity. Hansa, it is so good to see you walking down the right path as a parent 🙂

Age-appropriate toys help a lot in the overall development of kids and they learn in a fun way. I’ve tried giving my kids these too. A good post for new parents!

Looks fab! The UX/UI of the website prompts me to purchase a few toys for gifting purposes. Thanks for a lovely and explicit blog on how toys can help in better growth and development.

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