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5 ways to revamp your house and give it a new look

Home is where the heart is and we want our heart to always be in a beautiful place, right? After a hectic day at work, all we need is a beautiful house to go back to. But seeing the same things again and again can make it a bit boring and its always a great idea to bring some small changes to make your house more inviting and appealing to the eyes.

If you wish to change the look of your home but are short on time and tight on budget, some basic changes can help add a lot of drama and variation. I personally like to redo my home decor time and again and these are my 5 basic ways by which I add a new look to my house.

  • Candles: There are a huge variety of candles available in the market. From Tea light candles to pillar candles, there are a lot of options and depending on your space, you can get these candles to add a new vibration to the house. You can also get fancy candle holders like Hurricane lamps to classic candle holders. Tip: In the evening, dim the lights and lit some aromatic candles and set the right mood to enjoy some time with your spouse. Candles set at the dinner table when you have guest can add a lot of elegance to the entire dinner setting. 
Candle set up at the console or any table top. Photo by Marius Mann on
Candle setup at dinner table. Image courtesy Google
Hurricane candle holders. Image courtesy Google.
  • Upholstery: Reupholstering the furniture can add new freshness to the entire space. Be it the entire sofa or just chairs of your dinner table, a small change in the upholstery can make the entire room look new. Tip: Floral upholstery is in trend and if not for all furniture, you can change it for one single chair, and you will love what you see. 
A single chair in a floral upholestry can change the entire vibe of the room. Image courtesy Google.
  • Throw pillows and Cushions: Throw pillows and cushions are the easiest way to brighten up any room. A change in the shape, color or the print can uplift the look of the room. Tip: 3 cushions for 3 seats in your sofa is old school. Instead add more vibrant cushions to your plain colored sofa to make it look more comforting. 
Adding a lot of pillows to the sofa can give it a very comforting look. Image courtesy Google.
  • Flowers: Introducing flowers, be it real or artificial can beautify the whole room. Flowers are a natural mood lifter. Add some roses in a vase and place it at the console or at the side table in your living room or bedroom. Flowers also add more color and vibrancy to the room. Tip: An artificial flower arrangement kept in the washroom gives it a very fresh look. 
A beautiful floral setup at the side table to add more color to the room. Image courtesy Google.
Colorful bunch of flowers adding all the life and color in a plain white room. Image courtesy Google.
  • Rug: Add a rug in your living room, be it bohemian, rustic or traditional, it will instantly change the aesthetics of the room. Tip: Add a rug near the foot end of the bed to give a rich and classy look to your bedroom. 
A rug near the bedside adds a luxurious touch to your room. Image courtesy Google.
A rug in front of the sofa can make the room more welcoming and comforting. Image courtesy Google.

With these small changes and additions, your entire space can feel fresh, in trend and refined. You can easily tackle these décor ideas in one day and give your house more upbeat yet classy look.

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29 replies on “5 ways to revamp your house and give it a new look”

Fresh plants are my favorite. They brighten up my mood. Second is mirrors. I love decorative mirrors. after Diwali vibes, now I am ready to change the decor of my house.

Loved all the ideas Hansa. I agree with small changes we can make a huge positive impact in our house decor. Flowers are my personal favorite and I love to add that in my home decor.

Yes , cushion covers do magic in the room setting and can be stored easily too. I liked all the ideas of this post that makes the house look revamped with simple changes.

Flower, natural plants, mirrors are my favorite. Curtains according to the season also add that ended touch up to our existing decor.

amazing ideas.. I like small planters , candles and paintings to give the vibe and colour to the room.. I’ll try seasonal based changes now post reading your blog posr

I love decorating my house. To have a cozy corner, work corner etc are very important. Your ideas are fabulous. Especially I love flowers and candles. They will give your house a ambience

Flowers, candles and upholstery instantly perk up a room! Aromatic candles, dim light and soft music is the perfect date recipe. I love to add wall decor too.

I am a huge fan of rugs and indoor plants, half of my time on social media goes by scrolling through online nurseries. Glad you added empress chairs to the list, they look so nice and amp up space.

These are really great ideas to give your home a wonderful look, I too love rugs a lot in front of sofa’s it give such a pleasant and positive vibe!!

I personally love floral decor and try to keep my decor as per the seasons. You’ve shared some great tips to give your house a new look with small changes.

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