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Mere tumhare, Sub ke liye hai….Happy Diwali….

I know reading this title must have got you singing the song too. Ain’t I right? 

As Diwali approaches, we get a lot of WhatsApp and Instagram messages asking us not to burst crackers to avoid pollution and not to lit too many lights and conserve electricity. This got my husband thinking and he made me write this blog. 

The real essence of the festivals is the ritual that come with it and if you try to remove that element from it, it won’t seem like a festival. Now since Diwali is just few days away, I will first speak about it. 

Some fun facts; 

  • We all know that Air pollution is the most serious issue we all are facing and 21 out of 30 cities were from India in the 2019 index for the most polluted cities in the world. Now this index is for the entire year and not just during Diwali time. 
  • The major causes of pollution in India are vehicular pollution transmitted from cars, buses and other mode of transportation, thermal power plants and industrial emission. Diwali comes just for a day in the entire year. 
  • The months of October and November see a rise in the pollution towards the northern side, due to the burning of rice stubbles by the farmers in Punjab and Haryana. This is the easiest way for them to get rid of their worthless straw which exacerbates the issue in hand.  
  • When India wins any matches in Cricket and during the opening ceremony of these matches, the fireworks and celebration are at the same level or infact more than the joy of Diwali. 
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So for people who wake up to enlightenment during Diwali time, I wish to ask them a few questions;

1. What’s your mode of transportation? Do you choose your car or auto or always travel by bus? 

2. How much effort do you put to conserve energy at home, workplace and everywhere? 

I am not advocating or encouraging air pollution but my point here is that, why do people target festivals to share their concern and turn a blind eye and faulter throughout the year for the same issue? It’s like hypocrisy on the face with glib words rolling off the tongue. 

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Gallons and gallons of water gets wasted everyday. Every Indian wastes around 0 to 45 liters of water in a day (Source) but come Holi and people realize that they need to conserve water and not let it go wasted. FYI, Kolkata wastes the highest amount of water in India followed by Banglore.

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The world is filled with meat eaters, A very small percentage of the world population is vegetarian and India, despite its religious reasons, still has a vegetarian population of 20 – 40% only, but during Eid, messages are spread about not to sacrifice a Bakri. 

People in the western countries advocate to not cutting Christmas trees to adorn and decorate their house during Christmas but use wooden logs to lit the fire place during winters and have wooden furniture at home.

India is a secular land and from January to December we have festivals throughout the year which have a spiritual and mythological meaning behind it, may it be the farmer cutting his first crop, the colors of joy in the air during Holi, beautiful lights during Diwali or the Sheer Khurma during Eid. 

In the journey of our lives, we go through ample of emotions of happiness, guilt, sadness, heartbreaks, responsibilities be it moral or social and these festivities help us unite with warmth and love as we touch base with our spiritual side. The energy between human connect in the spirit of joy and festivities is like fueling the car and giving it the mileage until you need the next refill. 

Let’s take care of our mother planet in better ways rather than targeting the celebrations. If we are to believe that these festivities are hampering the nature, then I would like to say that these are not the only reasons. Would everyone stop having wooden furniture in the house, stop reading newspapers and books or travel in car, use technology or start factories? So let’s all be happy as we enjoy our moment when its actually the time to do so. 

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Credit: The concluding views and opinions have been suggested by my husband Kunal Kajaria who had also suggested the topic and asked me to blog about it.

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25 replies on “Mere tumhare, Sub ke liye hai….Happy Diwali….”

There is much hypocrisy in the world. Most people talk about something and do the exact opposite. When it comes to the preservation and protection of our planet, what is required is a holistic approach rather than targeting specific practices.

I agree people hype these kind of messages as soon as festival approaches. Yes I also feel it is important to take care of air pollution and other nature related issues through out the year. Being extra rigid and spoil the spirit of celebration didn’t make any significant difference in any ones life .

Being responsible, we should motivate and create awareness. According to many the festivals and cultural traditions poses a threat to the environment but this is not fair. Thanks for sharing this amazing article

No matter how many times people would be advised not to burst crackers during Diwali or not to socialize during a pandemic, some people just won’t listen. It is a shame that these people don’t realize the consequences of their actions. Inadvertently the same people are creating a bad precedent for future generations, one where the quality of air we breathe will become hazardous.

200% agreed with your opinion. This year we did not burst a single Phooljhari. Initially, we felt very upset, but when we got down to see the environment, we were delighted that the air was clean and breathable. Otherwise, each and every year we could hardly see any object due to air pollution.

Exactly my point. Why do these soo called environ-mentalist not speak a word people all over the world burst crackers on New year, how do these planet savers travel? Do these people use A/c? Do these people eat Non-vegetarian food? Have they planted and took care of trees for more than 10 years? If you are a planet saver, ask these questions for yourself and then start preaching others

Agree with every point you have made. I really don’t know where our country is headed. Religious fanatics who are creating more disharmony in the communities. We are said to be a secular country! Don’t celebrate Diwali but they ca have political rallies!

I completely agree. Cutting down or compromising with the festivities which binds us together and spending money, energy on unnecessary things. If we want to save Mothers Earth then first of all we should start using our resources properly. And in today’s situation, these small moments of joy help us keep going and keep spirits high.

I so agree with you. You will see hypocrites running around everywhere. Yesterday itself there was someone who suggested me same thing and I was like why don’t you walk and go to office. But yeah we cannot say on face. Your post is just right on time.y his and is too of same opinion. Care for nature round the year and not on festivals. Enjoy festival as it has always been since ages.

I completely agree with you.. Bursting crackers one day in a year will not make much of a difference.. It’s just symbolic that’s why it’s been targeted. I think government need to think about bigger reasons which are causing pollution.

I totally agree and believe in the same, I am not against any festival of any religion but why all pollution and save environment topic comes only on Diwali and Holi. Thanks a lot for writing this!!

Well i never liked the concept of burning crackers when we are already dealing with environment issues . No matter it is done for one particular day or all throughout the year . But at the same time i dont like the hypocrisy of the gov who are not doing anything to help farmers and stop burning of the farms . We need to work together all throughout the year to save our environment

200% agreed 👍 and believe on the same. No matter how many times people would be advised not to burst crackers during Diwal, but results will be as expected Noone will listen. Even during this pandemic people celebrated like normal timer.
We need to work together to save our environment.

Absolutely, no one is bothered to look at the amount of pollution is created and the timing of crop burning and Diwali is same and then Diwali is targeted. we all need to think in broader prospect and should not target at only Hindu festivals for these issues.

I just don’t burst crackers. Does not matter if it is during Diwali or during a cricket match. I stopped bursting it a very long time ago and I have always stuck to it. It’s important that we do understand the consequences but ya each to their own.

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