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6 Indian celebrity Memoirs to be inspired from

While fiction reading can take you to a magical land with its stories and characters, at times reading autobiographies and memoirs can help you see the reality of life and be inspired as they tell the true tale of struggle and achievement to the readers. 

We all may be in awe of the celebrities and prominent personalities, they too have had their share of struggle and hardship before they tasted success and their memories will share their inspiring stories. Se lets begin with the list of some of India’s famous people from various fields.

Lisa Ray: Lisa Ray battled cancer and in her book “Lisa Ray- close to the bone” she shares about her early start into the glamorous industry and the strife behind it. Her eating disorder to fighting cancer and her spiritual journey, she has shared it all in the book. 

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Abdul Kalam: The former President of India has penned many books but in his autobiography “Wings of Fire”  he has shared about his struggle as a young boy who did odd jobs to pay school fees and how he become a scientist and later the President of the country. 

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Yuvraj Singh: He earned name and fame with cricket but life threw him a curve ball when he was diagnosed with cancer. In his book “The Test of My Life: From Cricket to Cancer and Back by Yuvraj Singh” he has opened up about his parent’s divorce, his game and his fight with cancer and how he overcame all his insecurities. 

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Milind Soman: The “Made in India” famed model and actor tasted success and tried many careers and was in the public eye for a long time inspiring people and his book “ Made in India” by Milind Soman and Roopa Pai shares his story of romance and emotions with a dash of drama. 

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Mary Kom: A woman who has put India on international platform by winning medals in her game didn’t have the easy way out. From fighting opposition to cultural and bureaucracy battle which came in her way of success, her story in “Unbreakable” talks about her passion and struggle. This is one of the best books to be inspired from. 

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Phoolan Devi: She had seen it all and lived it too. Her book “I, Phoolan Devi” shows how strong sexist sentiments can ruin lives. It doesn’t over do or gloss the horrors she faced as it portrays the life in rural India and the role politics plays there. 

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Memories aren’t fairytales. they shows the real picture of the person whom we have otherwise known just for their success. They also helps the reader to humanize the celebrity and see the real person that they are behind all the fame and limelight.

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32 replies on “6 Indian celebrity Memoirs to be inspired from”

Quite an inspirational post this is. All the books you’ve mentioned have inspired a lot of people to believe in themselves and take up things they liked. I’ve read Wings Of Fire, yet to read others.

True that reading fiction and reading biographies give a totally different feel, though I enjoy reading both. But reading about real struggle and its ways to come out give us a closure look of reality. I have read the biography of Lisa Ray and the autobiography of Late. Abdul Kalam. undoubtedly both inspire us in their own way.

I believe as a normal person we often have a pre conceive notion about celebrities that they had a perfect life without any struggles but in reality they do have their own set of struggles and challenges and up down but the real beauty is that they had fought with these amazing bravery. Thanks a lot dear sharing these insprational stories. Will check out the books too.

Thanks for sharing these inspirational books. I have already read two books and yet to read other books. One should learn from failures, and we need motivation to get up and get going.

A few of Indian celebrities have inspired others not just from their work but also from their approach towards life. They have gracefully faced the hardships and challenges in their life and became an inspiration to many others.

These are some inspirational books Hansa. I have read most of them except I, Phoolan Devi and Milind Soman. My favourites here are APJ and Yuvraj Singh. Mary Kom is yet another inspirational book to read. Wonderful recommendation of books.

I have read two books from the list. Found them extremely motivation and inspiring. Need to go to my library and get I , Phoolan Devi, this book was always on my reading list

That’s a very hot list of inspirational books….Not bad..except for Yuvraj Singh..I have read the rest. When I bought Wings of Fire for my inspired him a great deal and he wanted to be an aeronautical engineer.

This is a great list of inspiring people. I personally loved APJ kalam sair from this list and have read so much about him. I was lucky enough to have met him in person too. He was so inspiring in so many ways!

A truly good and inspirational list of people who dared to be bold, different and fought their way through life. Late President Kalam Sir has been a motivation to millions!

This is quite an inspirational post, Hansa. We all know these personalities but mostly the part that made them famous & successful. Not many are aware of the hardships they had to go through to reach that level.

apart from Dr Kalam and Lisa Ray’s..I was unaware of the biographies.. thanks you so much for this lovely and exhaustive list

Each of those listed has an amazing story of struggle and finally success..I relate to all of them actually as I have had my share of strife and battle. It is only after 16 years now that I can smell a whiff of success. The biggest takeaway is not to give up.

I agree to what you have mentioned and the list of well-known autobiographies by some of the prominent personalities however at the same time I have realised some autobiographies are overhyped, hence we have to very carefully choose just the right one

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