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14 Words every book lover should know

All book lovers have one thing in common – their endearment for words. They love the magical land in which each and every word of the book takes them into. And we also have words to describe the funny, weird, unusual habits of readers which only they would understand. 

So let me share these interesting words with you an I am sure you all are going to enjoy reading this;

  • Bibliophiles: A bibliophile is some one who loves to read books. This term entered the English Dictionary in 1824. 
  • Bibliomania: Bibliomania has an obsessive-compulsive disorder of collecting books to the extent that it can hamper the relations and health of the person. This term should not be mixed or used interchangeablly with bibliophile.  
  • Librocubicularist: Not every one loves to sit and read. Librocubicularist prefer to read on bed.
  • Bibliosmia: Do you enjoy smelling those old books of your? The unique smell that the book has. If yes, then you are a Bibliosmia, a person who loves to smell books. 
  • Abibliophobia: Do you get worried when you come towards an end of the book you are currently reading and have no new book to read after that. Abibliophobia is the fear of running out of something to read.
  • Tsundoku: There are people who love to hoard books and read them and there are also some people who love to buy and hoard books but never read them. Tsundoku is a Japanese word which means to hoard books but never read them. It originated in the Meiji era (1868-1912) as a slang. It’s a combination of two words; tsunde-oku which means to pile things up ready for later and leave and dokusho which means reading books. (Source Wikipedia)
  • Bibliotaph: This term is used for person who hoards and then hides and buries the book under the bed, in cupboard, in kitchen, even under the dog’s bed. They just want to keep their books hidden away, keeping them from use. 
  • Logophile: Readers love words but a Logophile means a serious enthusiast of words. Does this remind you of Sashi Tharoor? 
  • Biblioklept: Any book lover would want to stay away from a Biblioklept as they love to steal books. 
  • Bookarazzi: I think many of us will fall under this category. I do. Bookarazzi is none other than a person who loves to click pictures of the books he/she has read and share them online. 
  • Bookbosomed: Can you go anywhere with out a book? If no, than you are bookbosomed- a person who carries a book all the time.
  • Readgret: Left a book unfinished or got a book and did not read it. Readgret is a sense of fury of not reading a book, which you should have, other wise read years ago. 
  • Shelfrighteous: This term is used for a person who as a superior feeling about ones own bookshelf. 
  • Scrollmate: There are times when you read a book and you feel that you somehow and somewhere connected and understood the author. Scrollmate is one such person who has this sense of deeper connect with the author. 

Its interesting to know that there are so many words to describe us readers. Did you find yourself in any of these categories? If yes do let me know in the comments below. I would love to know what kind of book lovers are my readers. 

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Now i know i’m not just a bookworm, I’m a tundoku, bookarazzi and am waiting to find my inner scrollmate!

Omg, i never heard most of these words and I call myself a reader (wink) thanks for sharing 🙂

I know very few of them. These are some unique words and every book lover need to know all these words. Thanks for sharing

All these terms were new to me other than bibliophile.But going my the definition, I think I become a scrollmate with a few books.

Wow so interesting. I only knew few of these term before. Learn a lot about different words and terms related with book lovers. Thanks dear for sharing.

Such an interesting post about different varieties of Book readers. I see myself under two categories Bookarazzi and Readgret. Thanks for enhancing my knowledge on this.

Ha ha that’s quite an amusing list! Except for the first two, I didn’t know any other words! Was nodding and smiling through most of these as I read them!

Wow, barring a couple of words I was not at all aware of the other words. Great that you shared so much of information about these word.

Wow, this is an interesting list of words. Some of them sound too funny like Bibliotaph 😀 Honestly, I was not aware of many of them, should I still call myself a book lover? But loved reading this post.

Woah! This post is full of book jargon, interesting. I have read something like this on a fellow blogger’s blog during another challenge, she is too a book lover like you. I call myself a bibliophile though

That’s a mammoth of a list. Honestly, I did not know so many words related to book lovers.. It was quite an information. Also as someone rightly pointed book lovers should also know about Shashi Tharoor.. ha ha.. he is a chalti-firti dictionary..

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