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Books and Readers- Let’s know them better

This is my first time with #MyFriendAlexa campaign by Blogchatter and I am super elated about it. There is going to be too much writing in the month of October and that’s giving me an adrenaline rush. The topics and ideas have already been built up in my mind and can’t wait to bring them to my readers. 

So what is #MyFriendAlexa campaign by Blogchatter? 

#MyFriendAlexa is a campaign run by Blogchatter, which is a community for bloggers. This campaign aims at helping bloggers bringing up their Alexa score and at the same time encourage bloggers to write and read more. 

Now you are wondering what is Alexa Rank? 

Alexa Rank is the measure of your websites popularity. Alexa rank is calculated using a proprietary methodology that combines a site’s estimated traffic and visitor engagement. The lower the score, the better your website is ranked. 

Rules of #MyFriendAlexa

Blogchatter takes its rules very seriously and one needs to follow the guidelines and timelines of posting and reading. 

So you need to 

* Write 8 posts in the month of October. The posts can be based on a theme or any general topic that the writer desires.

* Read, comment and share the post of fellow participants. Blogchatter team will provide the reading list regularly.

* On a daily basis, you will get around 8 to 10 blogs to read, comment and share. 

* Exclusive FB and WhatsApp group will be formed for the partciapnts by Blogchatter team,

Theme Reveal for #MyFriendAlexa Season 5

As I mentioned earlier, this is my 1sttime with #MyFriendAlexa campaign and so I had to write on something that really excites me – Books.

I have been a reader from a very young age. Say about at the age of 7 or 8 is when I started reading and collecting books. For me reading is a challenge and I challenge my self saying “In the next 30 minutes I will read 30 pages” or “till my train reaches my destination I will read so many pages”. I take reading challenges on Goodreads and always try to read more books than I have challenged myself for. Well, at times I have hit the target and at times I have missed it too. 

 So this is what you will see on my Blogs for #MyFriendAlexa campaign;

The topics I have thought about are super fun. Don’t think I will just be doing book reviews. Its going to more interesting than that. 

Giving a glimpse of my topic ideas, I have though to write about:

  1. How I started reading (Had to start with me, right?) 
  2. Type of book readers. A funny take on different type of book readers. 
  3. My favourite books by female writers. I love women who write and I have my personal favourite women authors whom I love to read. 
  4. Fun facts about books. Books are boring? Na. I am going to share some super fun and interesting facts about books, which might not be know to all. 
  5. Tips on writing a book review. Book review is an art in itself where you want to talk about the book but at the same time not give away the story. So I am going to share some of my tips and tricks on writing a good book review. 
  6. Interview with an Author. I had managed to get on a video call with an author of a book which I loved reading. It was my 1stbook of 2020 and I immediately connected with the author to talk about the book. It’s a fun interview. I will reveal the name of the Author and the book in the blog. 
  7. Book reccos for kids based on Festival theme. With festivities around the corner, I think this would be an apt topic for recommendation. 
  8. One more blog. For this I may put in a book review may be. Because I am reading another superb book which I would want to share with my readers. Or maybe talk about “Partition Literature” i.e. books based on Partition. The last topic is not finalized yet. 

So this is what I am going to do for the entire month of October.  Talk about my passion for books and love for reading and hope that my readers enjoy the theme and topics as much as I will enjoy writing it. 

I have also done two post earlier on “Early reading for Babies and Toddlers” and “From Phones to Books” and also some book reviews on my blog. Do check them out until you wait to read more. 

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It’s a wonderful theme, Hansa. And, interesting topics. Looking forward to reading your posts. All the best!

Really good to know about this #MyFriendAlexa campaign and never knew that this will help in bringing up alexa rank. Looking forward to read your upcoming blogs

All the best for #MyFriendAlexa campaign. Since you are writing about something that really excites you – Books – let me suggest Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom. You will love reading this book 📚

Superb theme picked by you for the Alexa campaign, I loved the little twist in book review theme, unlike a straight book review, looking forward to read all your posts on books. All the best!

Thats a lovely theme and the topics you have selected for your posts. Coming from a book over, it is more special. I am to participating in MFA this year but I will be looking forward to your posts. Good Luck!!

Wow great theme Hansa and I loved all the lined up topics. All the best dear for first Alexa. And I m sure you will have loads of fun with this amazing campaign.

Oh I have read a couple of your blog posts already and they were quite informative. Looking forward to many more! Let’s rock it!

This is a brilliant blog post. I feel like Alexa rating does form the premise and basis for identifying a good blog from an average or not so good blog. It took me a long long time to show 20,000 on Alexa. I’m so happy that there are special campaigns being designed to help bloggers understand and better their Alexa rating.

Good luck for the challenge! I chickened out because I was worried about being able to do it along with my book promotion! But I love the topic you chose…coz I love reading books too! And I like the nuances of each topic…e.g. on different types of readers… Sounds interesting! Also look forward to the one on women writers ☺️

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