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5 life lessons I learnt from my kids

It’s always said that parents teach their child to talk, walk and many other things. Parents are the first teachers of their child. But somewhere, I feel it’s a two-way thing. It’s a give and take. Ponder up on this; think about the changes that have come in your life and personality after you have become a parent. Don’t you see some positive changes in yourself? Like being more patient and thoughtful about your actions before you react. 

Not only by words but by action too, a child can teach us some very interesting things about life.  I’ve been a mom for nearly 7 years now and till date, how much I can learn from my kids amazes me. There is a saying in Hindi “Bache maa baap ki ungli pakadke chalna sikhte hai” (kids learn to walk by holding their parents hands) but I believe, holding hands together, we both learn from on another as we walk the ways of life. 

So here the 5 things my kids taught me about life; 

ForgivenessOut of vengeance, we have seen wars break out and families break down. But scold a child and in next 5 minutes he/she will be in your arms hugging you or back to playing with no grudges in heart. Both my kids come and hug and kiss me when I loose my cool on them or scold them. They don’t stop talking to me, they don’t hold a grudge nor do they seek revenge. Instead they seek love to heal their emotions.  Forgiveness is a virtue not everyone can have but everyone should strive for. 

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Love sees no beautyFor a child, his/her mother is the most beautiful woman in the world no matter how the world looks and judges her for her appearance and beauty. I wake up looking disheveled and unkempt but my son and daughter say, “I love you mumma”. They don’t look at my size and shape, the color of my skin or how beautiful I look to love me. They just love out of their heart. On the other side, we have the world fighting over black and white, body shaming a mom for gaining weight and judging people on the basis of their outfit and what they carry. The world needs to see beauty from a child’s eye to appreciate it. 

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Trust: One thing that this world lacks the most is “Trust”. People off late lack faith and trust on there own family and doubt each and every action.  But throw a child in air and he/she will smile and laugh because they trust that the person will hold them back. As them to hold your hand and walk and they walk with you without even asking a question or doubting your intensions.  So lets learn to trust without much reservations and prejudice. 

Quest to learn and explore: Try to help a child and he/she will push your hand, wanting to try doing things on their own, without any help. The endless questions they ask, is their thirst for knowledge as they explore things around them. But we adults shy away from asking for the fear of being judged for the lack of knowledge and stop learning new things on the pretext of no time and being busy but the real reason could be that you find your self too old to learn. But it’s never too late to learn anything. Along with Aayera, I have also started learning a new language during this lockdown, something that I always wanted to do. 

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Expressing Emotions: Children don’t see where they are. If they want to cry, they cry, if they want to laugh, they laugh and if their feet want to move, they dance. They don’t hesitate to express their emotions be it in public or at home. It us adults who feel cautious about how we behave in public. We judge that’s why we fear being judged. 

While childhood is free of any notions, as the child grows, we make them think in a manner that they start judging, comparing and competing. Think about it, if kids were never imposed with any restrictions about expressing in public, adults today would have been free with their emotions and expressions too. Had these seeds never been sowed into a child’s mind, the world would be a much better place to live in. 

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Flowers don’t worry about how they will bloom. They just turn towards the sunlight and that makes them beautiful. Trying my best to raise my kids beyond the realm of human’s mind. Making them more compassionate, assertive and free of bias while I look and appreciate the world the way they do- Free of all prejudice and plentitude of love and faith. 

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By mummatalks

Mom of two brats, use to work as an analyst now a SAHM. Love books.

18 replies on “5 life lessons I learnt from my kids”

That is so true. The best thing i love about kids behavior is their ability to forgive and get back to their friends. Its the best thing that us adults can learn from them. Lovely post.


Aww such a lovely post Hansa and I completely agree with you, kids are so innocent and they have so many qualities that we adults don’t. Specially the sense of curiosity and forgiveness is something that we forget as a grown up unconditionally. Your post has bought a smile on my face. Thanks


That’s such an heartfelt post. Kids teach us so many things in life that we often fail to understand ourselves. Their way of eyeing us and the surroundings are so innocent and pure.


I’m a primary school teacher and one thing that I’ve learnt in all these years is that small children are great teachers!
They teach us a different valuable lesson everyday of our life! No matter how old we grow, they will teach us or make us remember the forgotten lessons and values!

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