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India- A perfect travel destination

India is a land with rich culture, heritage and historical treasure as it walks on the path of modernity. It’s an “All in One” package for travellers. From the highest peaks to the beautiful beaches, snow clad mountains to desert, glitz of Mumbai to the parch landscapes of Rajasthan, India has it all. And lets not forget the flavourful idiosyncratic food.

So lets see what makes India so distinctive and appealing to the travellers.

  1. Spirituality and Religion: Land of many Gods, India has large number of temples and Ashrams. India’s tremendous cultural power has maintained a deep impact on the world and has been a beacon of light for the west. At the Golden Temple or Haji Ali which is midst the ocean to beautiful churches, everyone can find their peace here.
Haji Ali Dargha- Mumbai, Maharashtra. Photo courtesy

2. Food: India is famous for its spicy yet tasty food and every state in India has something unique to serve in the plate. Be it the GolGapas you eat on the street, a traditional Thai meal, or an international cuisine, tourist will find it all in India.

Vada Pav- A mumbai delicacy, also called as the Indian Burger

3. Monuments: India is a land of one of the wonders of the world- Taj Mahal. It attracts a lot of tourist which are awed by its beauty and architect. The Red Fort, Jantar Mantra, and many more such monuments attract not just tourist but also historians and scientist to our land.

Taj Mahal- Agra. This picture belongs to and reuse is strictly not permitted.

4. Spectacular Beauty: India has beautiful landscapes and mountain peaks and is a natural paradise. From beautiful hill stations like Mount Abu, Dal lake in Jammu & Kashmir to Nubra Valley in Ladhak, travellers can choose to spend their holidays resting in the lap of nature.

Landscapes of Ladhak. This picture belongs to and reuse is strictly not permitted.

5. Safari: India is famous for Wildlife Safari and Desert Safari. India has various sanctuaries and Tiger reserves like Ranthambore, Jim Corbett. Travellers can do the Desert safari in Jeeps or camel back, see the sun go down and later relax by the camp fire and enjoy the cultural dance performed by artist.

6. Adventure: One can go road tripping in the hilly terrain of himalayas, enjoy some water sports in Goa, go scuba diving in Havelock Island Andaman, bungee jumping in Rishikesh or water rafting in Ladakh, India has all the fun in store for adventure lovers.

Scuba diving in Havelock Island- Andaman. This picture belongs to and reuse is strictly not permitted.
Khardung La Pass- The highest Motorable Road in the world, Ladakh. This picture belongs to and reuse is strictly not permitted.

7. Beaches: India is a Peninsula, surrounded by water from 3 sides, giving travellers some beautiful beaches to enjoy. Travellers favourite destination Goa and its numerous beaches to the back water of Kerela and other beaches like Light House beach in Kovalam. Mumbai also has some popular and over crowded beaches which is the main weekend getaway for its people.

Backwaters in Kerela. Image courtesy

8. Royalty and luxury: Many royal palaces are now converted into 5 star hotels and travellers can enjoy and get a feel of royalty. India also offers great luxury, at a price of course, with a luxury hotels at all the popular travel destination and cities. One can also travel in style on the “Palace on Wheels” as the train criss crosses the land of Maharajas of Rajasthan and also takes you to Agra and Delhi.

9. Yoga: From the Beatles who came to Rishikesh and got fascinated with yoga to the rest of the world now spreading their yoga mats and made it a part of their regime. Unarguably the most trending thing in the world, travellers seek yoga to connect with their inner self and transcend into a state of peace. There are plenty yoga centres spread all over India.

10. Festivals: India has not one but many festivals with every religion having its own celebrations. See everything colourful during holi or the sky lit up as we celebrate Diwali, Eid has people greeting one another and we also have Santa Clause coming to town riding on its sleigh in December. Festivities take the spirit high and makes its a beautiful place to be for travellers.

Image courtesy

And there is much more that travellers and tourist can enjoy in India. The Big Fat Indian Wedding will leave the traveller enthralled by the grandeur of celebration and the colourful attire. Dance to the tune of Garba or Bhangra or visit places less explored, a traveller has lots to experience, explore and relish. Each state of India will entertain its visitors with its history, culture, food and tranquil places leaving them enraptured and take away a memorable trip.

This blog is a part of #SpeakeasywithRuchiNDips blogging challenge hosted by Dipika and Ruchi.

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49 replies on “India- A perfect travel destination”

Yes yes so agree with all the reasons. India is a land of diverse culture and various beautiful destinations. And we can’t get over to explore these amazing places. this challenge and your post is making me so tempted to travel and visit India but unfortunately I have to wait few more months to plan our India visit. Lovely write up dear.

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Can’t agree more on this that if there is a place on this planet that upholds the flag of “Unity in Diversity” in a real sense, it wouldn’t be none other than our INDIA. Be it in the context of culture, color, food, territory, flora, and fauna, climate India has more flavor to flaunt than any continent in the whole world.

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Hansa I really loved the concept of ur post as it reflects the rich culture of our country in front of our eyes. So many things to learn from travelling in India!! Such a beautiful place to travel in all the places as we can learn something new in everywhere. Loved ur compilation dear. Kudos!

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Loved your post. India has such a rich culture and heritage. We have the mountains and the seas. So many people visit India during festivals to experience its grandeur. Felt immensely happy to read your post and proud to be an Indian.

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I agree that all this is what attracts people to visit India. But i dont enjoy the food except in Goa and Mangalore. Otherwise for me its only the architecture, scenic valleys and monuments that interest me.


Absolutely apt post. The comprehensive outlook is just extensive and very well thought out. India has so much to offer and covering India in a lifetime may seem a very ambitious project. I want to take the houseboat ride in Kerala.


I agree with all the travel reasons that you have written in your post. We plan our trips if that place has good food, safari or adventure and a few markets to enjoy the trip and make it a memorable one.


Totally love the diverse culture and food and festivities and the amazing places in our India. My friends from many other countries have traveling to India in their bucket list and I’m sure would be amazed when they visit.

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Thats a lovely post on how our country is in itself a lovely place to travel around and get to know so many facets of its personality. From traditions, culture, yoga, monuments, mythology to so much more. We do offer a lot to travel enthusiasts.


How beautifully you have covered all the features that make India distinctive & appealing to the travellers. India is truly incredible and magical, go to any part of the country and it will have something amazing for every kind of traveller.


Cant agree more. India is rich not just in its diversity but also in its tourism. Credit goes to the vibrant culture and diversity. I want to go to Kerala in on elf my India trips.

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I was nodding along with you – totally agree that India is like a total paisa vasool travel destination ๐Ÿ™‚
I also like visiting museums and galleries – I find they add a nice big layer of culture, history, and depth to every region.


All true points, our country has everything to offer from beaches to mountains to desert. A little something for every traveler. And, this makes us stand out in the world as the unique India! ๐Ÿ™‚


India is a treasure trove of things that can attract any traveler from any part of the world. Be it spirituality, food, culture, bounty of natural beauty, touristy things to do… there is something for everybody. No wonder it’s called Incredible India.


I completely agree with you on your posts. Our country is beautiful filled with abundant natural beauty for sightseeings and explorations. And yes, the Bengal Tiger during the jungle safari in India is not to be missed ever.
Also, our country welcomes all kinds of tourists with open arms and has something special for each and every tourists.


Thats a beautiful post. Once in a while we need to look around and acknowledge the fact that we are living in such a diverse nation with so manh different cultures its almost exhilarating


It’s so wonderful of you Hansa to compile such a beautiful post about our country – India๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ there’s really endless reasons to celebrate, take pride and explore as an Indian. Congratulations on a great post ๐Ÿ™


Sach Kahu, I love my India… I love the diversity of my country in food, culture and clothing and other areas. Best travelling places are situated in India. If want to visit my whole country first rather than going out of the country.


Loved all the pointers, yes India has so much to explore in every region. From mountain to rivers and one can find many reasons to travel within country. I feel travelling within country will be more active after the pandemic ends.


I’m glad to have travelled a lot around our country with my parents. India truly has amazing natural beauty and so much to offer in terms of food, spirituality and adventure.


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