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5 Gifting ideas for Expecting Moms during pandemic

All an expecting mom wants is some pampering and lots and lots of love and if gifts come it, its like an added bonus. But its always the “soon to come baby” for whom most of them gift and so the expecting mother is left with things which are either repetitive or can be used only after the baby is out and so, of now use currently. So why not gift the To Be Mom instead and make it interesting too.

This pandemic has made it tough for all of us to step out but this doesn’t stop us from venturing into some new ideas of gifting. So lets see what we all can gift to these beautiful moms to be.

  1. Maternity Care Hamper: Now a days we have some great brands and gifting houses which curate special hampers for expecting moms. You can add aromatic body wash, bath bombs, body mists, books, some fancy green teas, scented candles and lots of chocolates and snacks.
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2. Maternity Wear: Make the pregnancy stylish for the expecting mom by gifting her some beautiful maternity wear. Now a days there is a wide array of options available in maternity wear like stretch pants, Kurtas, comfortable tops and dresses, which can later be used for feeding as well.

3. Netflix and Chill: Now which To Be Mom would not want to grab that cozy blanket, popcorns and have some chill time. So gift her a subscription of Netflix and let the fun begin.

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4. Pregnancy Journal: While I was not gifted, but I had maintained a pregnancy journal during my 1st child and jotted down all the experiences I had of carrying my baby. The memory may fade but the journal will always keep them fresh. So look for a nice journal and gift it.

5. Virtual Baby Shower: No pregnancy is complete without a Baby Shower and that is one thing that every expecting mom looks forward to. So what if we all can’t gather and party, we have technology to the rescue. Rope in the husband and family to set up the decor, order a cute cake, invite other friends and family to join in, play some fun games and have a blast.

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I hope you all liked the ideas that I have shared and if you have more to add or done something fun for your expecting friend, do share the idea in comments below. Also you may enjoy reading the article I had written on “Bright Side Of Pregnancy During Pandemic

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21 replies on “5 Gifting ideas for Expecting Moms during pandemic”

Yeah I liked the gifting ideas esp. Maternity hamper & Netflix. As both are useful and will be loved by them. Netflix goes one step ahead in gifting during the pandemic as its best gift to give not just to would be moms but everyone.

Such cool gift ideas for expecting moms. I like that journaling is also included in the gift ideas. Chilling with an expecting mom also sounds cool especially with their girl friends watching a chic flick.

If I would have been pregnant 😜 then I would ask for 1. This is something which is much needed for a mother who has recently delivered. A proper care and a good massage is all the thing a mother can ask for.

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