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Bright Side of Pregnancy during Pandemic

Pregnancy is that phase in a women’s life when all she wants to do is be happy, have good thoughts, click beautiful maternity pictures and compare their baby’s size with different vegetables and fruits as they grow.

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But this pandemic has changed the entire experience of an expecting mom. From being amidst people and family and being pampered, she is confined within the 4 walls of her house. This is bound to impact the “to be” mother mentally. I know a few women who are expecting and their experience is the same. Sad, depressed and bored.

However, this is life and it always help when we look at the brighter side of any situation. So today I’m sharing some fun and interesting reasons of being pregnant during pandemic.

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  1. No Belly Hiding: I use to go to office during my 1st pregnancy and i remember layering up and hiding my belly all the time. But now there is no need of layering or hiding that growing bump. Flaunt it to the world (ok its just your house). You can dress as comfortably as you want without other people guessing about you being pregnant.
  2. Not being succumbed to temptation: No stepping out means not being around temptation which is restricted or not suitable during pregnancy. For sure, now you would not want to go to the chat joint near your house for the cravings.
  3. No need of expensive maternity clothes: I remember burning a hole in my pockets with those expensive maternity shopping I did during both my pregnancies. But now, being inside the house, you can just grab your husbands track pants and t-shirt, wear your slipper and you are ready to relax.
  4. Quick doctor visits: Unlike earlier times when you had to wait for an hour or two to meet your Gynaecologist, now the visit to doctors are timed to the minute and finished off in a jiffy. Some consultations are also taken over the call to avoid visit to an hospital.
  5. No belly touching: One thing that most pregnant women abhor is the belly touching. I remember during both my pregnancies, aunties would touch my belly and start guessing the gender of the baby based on my belly size.
  6. No unsolicited advise: I use to be advised by each and everyone around me on how I should take care of myself and what to and what not to do when I was expecting. All my actions use to be judged and commented upon. You eat too much, you eat too less for two people, you don’t sleep much, you are sleeping too much, don’t sit for too long, don’t stand for too long. Do this do that and on and on and on I can go with the advises that I got during my pregnancies.
  7. No body comment: Its obvious that an expecting mother is bound to grow in size but yes those comments don’t stop. I have had aunties (who themselves had babies and their own experience) commenting that I have gained weight and that my belly is too big and I should confirm incase I am expecting twins. Like really?
  8. No to less guest post baby is born: This is the time when we really don’t want any one to come and touch our baby. With hordes of relatives and guest otherwise coming to visit the new mom and baby is really disturbing for the mom any which ways so this is a true blessing in disguise.
  9. Savings: Staying at home means less expenses. Yes the grocery bills may have gone high but no movies, no popcorns, no eating at expensive restaurants and no travelling for sure has helped save some bucks which can be spent on the new born.
  10. Getting more time with ur family and 1st born before the 2nd one arrives: I use to be super tensed about h0w I would manage Aayera after I deliver my 2nd baby and how would she deal with it. I use to give her all my time and attention and prepare her for the new baby to come. Being with the family and spending time together can help strengthen the bond with each other till new member arrives.
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Pregnancy puts to test the moods, anxiety, depression and even the relations. To top it up, being confined inside the walls of ones house can be even more detrimental to the expecting women’s mind.But while raging hormones can make it challenging for expecting moms, you can choose to direct your thoughts into something what makes you feel good and better.

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Loved this blogpost Hansa! You’ve given such a positive twist to the confinement during pregnancy that many mom-to-be are facing these days. I personally know some and I’m gona share your post so they see the positive side to it!

Interesting post and very motivational too.. you explained very well about the positive point of pregnancy during this pandemic.

Really like that you are keeping your spirit High and looking on positive side even during stressful condition of pandemic. All points are so apt and I agree this pandemic has reduced lifestyle expenses. All the best dear and take care.

Your post give positive vibes during this pandemic situation. The most important is the distinction between things which are just needed n we used to do earlier, you wrote it up to the point.

Thanks for sharing this amazing and positive points of pregnancy during this pandemic.And yes staying at home means less expenses.

This is such a lovely post – what a great and positive way to look at pregnancy in these times. I agree with you, this is turning into a blessing in disguise for many folks, but especially for those in the family way.

Yes, there is always a flip side of everything. And this pandemic has made many of the couples happy… hahhahaha 😉 (Just a funny side)

There are lot many friends of mine who are expecting and they are pretty relaxed as they need not have to go out.

This post should actually be read by all pregnant women. While most are worried about the uncertainity, this will surely give them an udea about the positive aspects of giving birth now.

This is so true, being pregnant during this pandemic times has its own positives as well which you have detailed out so well !

Everything has a brighter side a d so does getting pregnant in the lockdown situation. Meeting up less people, getting comments on the bump, their respective analysis is definitely irksome. So overall, its a different experience getting pregnant during these times. But surely, everything happens for a reason and we must always see the positive side like you have written. Well done.

What a positive intake on the pregnancy days during this pandemic, when it is very hard to hold the spirit high for longer, your post has come as the biggest morale booster for pregnant women.

Awesome . pregnancy is a beautiful phase in every woman’s life. And going through this phase during pandemic is a totally different experience. But I am very happy to read the. positivity in this post. Keep it up!!

Good pointers of positivity though I still think the moms to be should busy themselves with things they are passionate about. I have a list on my website. I was bored during pregnancy and instead of writing I resorted to watching TV series from 5 pm to 1am … Waste of time!

I used to think this is a difficult time for pregnant ladies. Your post has changed the perception. it was a fun read too.

[…] Nevertheless, I sincerely pray and hope that the pandemic ends soon and our children get to visit the gardens, beaches and open spaces. The joy open spaces give to children are incomparable and unmatachable. Till then, let us all enjoy the rest of the indoor times with our children without whom the pandemic would have been more tough to deal with.Keep Reading and Stay Happy!Love,Amritha This blog is a part of #LBWP #LetsBlogWithPri S2 hosted by Prisha. You can also read what the book review written by my friend Sindhu and also read the post by Hansa who talks about pregnancy in pandemic by clicking here. […]

Every situation has it’s good and bad aspects and I loved the positive thoughts you shared …really liked the one “No bellies touching by aunties” I swear …this is the most positive side!!

You pointed out very apt and positive points which give a morale boost to pregnant women in this pandemic situation. I think, one should think of the positives to come out from the depressed feelings.

You have definitely showcased the positive side of being pregnant in this pandemic. Yes less expense on maternity clothing is big savings. Shall share with my friend who is expecting and was feeling low of this pandemic situation.

Oh yes these pointers as mentioned by you in the post truly make pregnancy during Pandemic a superb and intelligent option to go for. I now realise why so many celebs are going for the same.

That is a refreshing and positive approach to pregnancy. I agree that there’re a lot of things one can do away with and be safe. However, personally I would miss being treated by delicacies by friends.

Hilarious post I believe this is the best time to get active and bring a new member in the home have seen lots of celebrities doing the same and after reading your post I think there are many things we don’t have to go through, which generally a pregnant mother faces

Expecting in Jan 2021 and totally relate. Esp the saving money on maternity clothes, expensive restaurants bit. Though it’s hard to not be able to give into all your food cravings, it probably helps with the diet in the long run! 🙂

Those of you who are ‘planning to plan’, can head over to my blog where I share info about my planned pregnancy ! Hope it helps 🙂

Beautiful post. I love your positivity. With my previous two pregnancies everyone always wanted to touch my belly. My pregnancy with my third happened during the pandemic. At first, I was happy no one was reaching for my belly. Then, I wound up actually missing the contact. So funny how that happens. 🙂

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