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Social Media Etiquette- The Hot and Not of Instagram

In this age, when the entire world is at your finger tip and everyone is present on social media with their updates and posts, use of social media calls for some basic etiquette.

A phone is hand has made everyone a photographer and a writer but there is much more to that when you want to be active on social media. With hordes of people now present on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, there are some unsaid rules and manners which needs to be followed.

Well, every social media platform may has different set of etiquette to follow. While re-twitting on Twitter may be ok, but reposting content or picture without the consent or due credit to the original source can get you in trouble on Instagram. Like we talk to some one in person, same mannerisms are applied for social media.

Since I am more active on Instagram (, I am going to share some basic etiquette we can maintain and follow on this platform.

You scratch my back, I scratch yours: Follows and likes have now become more of a favour that needs to be returned. A demand for a follow for a follow and like for a like is very common now a days. Instead make your content worthy of attracting new followers and follow if you like someones content and not for a follow back.

Ask for favours: Its ok to ask favours. But its not ok to ask random people for favours. If you have never interacted or engaged on their post or know them, its very rude to ask for collaboration details and contact numbers. With bloggers crowding up the segment with the intention of only making money, this has been happening very often where random DM’s are sent asking directly for Collaboration details.

Consider your tone: While everyone has their reason for being on social media, its always good to keep your tone subtle with your post. Some may want to vent, some want to brag and some want to simply talk but its the tone in which you convey your message that makes your page more approachable.

Tagging: In order to have a wider reach and visibility, we tend to tag brands and people. Tagging brands is alright but when you are tagging an individual, its always better to take permission or make sure you know that person before you tag them. Tagging someone just to get more visibility on your post is not the right thing to do.

Comment Battle: Some topics or post can call for a comment battle but its very important to make sure that even when you have a strong view point, you don’t hit below the belt and go all wild with your comments. Keep your comments real and factual.

Be supportive: Blogging is a community in itself and its great to maintain cordial relation with your co-bloggers. Being supportive, sharing ideas and information and also engaging on posts helps both of you grow together.

Be original: There is a very thin line between being inspired and plagiarising. You may not be the first one to take a flat-lay image or an outfit changing video because everyone is doing it. Its natural to be inspired but when you are doing something which is outright copy of someones unique content, its better to give due credit or avoid it all together. So try to come up with your own ideas and be original.

Follow unfollow game: It’s very normal for some users to unfollow you but a huge fluctuation in the numbers is what is disturbing. Following just to get a follow back and then unfollowing that person really is not the right way to go about it.

Original Images: Its always better to use images you have clicked yourself rather than using someone else images on you social media page. This can lead to a copy right infringement with a serious implications like a legal action being taken against you.

Instagram is a place which can make you famous or pulverise you for your one mistake. However, the rising number of users justify the popularity of this platform. So following some basic etiquette and engaging in a genuine manner will create a better environment for all its users because behind evert Instagram handle is a real person so remember to treat others in a way that you would want to be treated.

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48 replies on “Social Media Etiquette- The Hot and Not of Instagram”

Great pointers mentioned Hansa! Unknown favors details of collabs are being asked quite often without a simple Hi or Hello!

Hansa, you have articulated these so well! I find it very distressing that people forget basic courtesy just because they are interacting on an online platform. Especially on instagram, follow unfollow and asking for favours rudely.. its just not done.

Hansa, I agree with the above pointers 100%. Its just not done when a person works professionally in Social Media Platforms and disrespects the time of other people by asking for favours in a very rude tone. I mean by merely saying ‘Follow” or ‘Like the Post’, it just depicts the unprofessional attitude of the person. Unfortunately, social media is filled with all kinds. Lovely writeup

So correctly said… Nowadays it has become a trend that if someone new has started following any influencer, then she/he ‘has to’ follow her/him back. otherwise, that follower unfollows you.. I just feel what’s the use of such followers if they don’t genuinely follow an influencer.

but its all okay, it is all about Social Media.

Oh god….don’t even get me strted on this!
I mean, people on instagram are so weird!!
Yesterday itself I got 5 msg requests from unknown people asking me details for a Collab I had done.
One of them randomly asked me toh subscribe to their YouTube channel and like, comment and share their video! When I refused to share, they started bugging me about liking and commenting 🤦🏻‍♀️
Follow unfollow game ka toh poocho hi mat 😂😂😂😂😂 insights me followed and unfollowed ka balance hamesha negative ya zero hi milta hai 😅

Social media etiquette keeps you focused on reaching digital marketing goals. I am really very upset with follow unfollow game many people do the same thing. Thanks for this sharing this.

Very well documented and being active mainly only on instagram I have learnt and evolved in time. You have captured all the points so well and often ofocurse it goes back to the creator in the way they niche their positions

All the points that you have mentioned are so true. We often do not follow certain etiquettes that we should, specially on Instagram. Its very annoying.

you spoke my heart out. I have had so many people DM me – please follow me and i’ll follow back. why??? I dont need such a follow! give details of campaign/ pr. why??? people have no etiquette at all !!!!

yes we surely must be polite in our commenting but sometimes I feel its just a waste of time because some people are just on Instagram because others are. they have no rhyme or reason to be on Instagram and they have no proper posts also…

Hansa – you know I’ve come to realise that social media is a mere hogwash. Instagram in particular is a visual medium where everyone gets enamored by how creatively a shot has been taken or a video has been made. Like any other art form, one needs to just appreciate and not get too much into commercializing art.

matter.Superb post with succinct points that get straight to the heart of the matter. It’s always best to give credit where it is due, because it is extremely hard to consistently come up with unique content that is actually good.

I so very agree with you on all the points. I don’t like the rat race on social media. After sometimes, it feels as if we are maintaining our presence for others. There is an ongoing competition and somewhere we lost the essence of why we joined the social media in the first place.

Such a great post Hansa and you had said it all. Yes I agree follow unfollow or like for like is a common game on Instagram nowdays. And these trend has reduced the natural appealing quality of Instagram. Personally I feel so confused and frustrated with all these and despite being blogger, spend less time on SM

A must read post for Instagrammers. Its really important to maintain etiquette on any social media platform and u have rightly pointed out some common mistakes people make.

I just loved this post and I so agree with the pointers…I too don’t like tagging and give and take rule people give…I follow now you follow or I commented…please comment …brilliant post

I have experienced most of the things which you mentioned. They follow you and when you follow them then they unfollow you without thinking about the efforts and content. Really sad but true.

These are some great pointers for behaving well over Social Media and especially on Instagram. Sometimes it really gets irritating when random people start Dm’ing you for liking the post or so..

This is such a nice post with all pointers on point really sad reality that is happening in instagrammers life follow follow follow likes it’s really disturbing at times when people don’t understand that the efforts were put behind

Social media etiquette is lost on a lot of people and they forget that it leaves a digital footprint one can’t be proud of all the time. Good pointers you’ve shared.

NoW seriously follow unfollow game is really hard to play..:) What I believe is, if your content is good brand will definitely come to you. Few influencers they run for getting campaigns but don even put effort on their content. Jugaar things are not going to work anymore.

This is really interesting I have been doing witty wednesdays with Dipika on Instagram for the past two months or so and sharing the social media etiquette every Wednesday in a micro post on Instagram seeing this post reminds me of the series very well described

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