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Bombay Balchao- Book Review

The book that will take you from Bombay to Mumbai and all things in-between in its non liner stories of Cavel, a South Mumbai area bustling with Catholic Community.

I moved to India after spending 13 years of my childhood abroad and I had a very different feel for India back then. While I loved my country from heart, the move was not very easy for me. The small streets, the beggars, the train, the crowd and what not, everything made me feel uncomfortable.

But as the years passed and I started accepting the reality of living here, I started seeing these as a part which signifies what Mumbai (Bombay as it was called then) really is. And there is much more to Mumbai than this. The tallest and the most expensive private residential building in the world to the Queens Necklace, the Marine Drive and other beautiful beaches we get as a perk of staying by the bay, the night hustle and bustle from the city that never sleeps, Mumbai has won me.

“Bombay Balchao” by Jane Borges is one such book which will make you miss the old Bombay as it takes you back in time with the stories of Cavel, a Goan Catholic colony in South Mumbai. The chapters are Non-liner and congested with characters, who are from the same building and neighbourhood and the story progresses in time as Bombay turns to Mumbai. Its like some one is reciting their own life story and jumping from one time of their life chapter to another and then going back in time again. The Coutinho family is the centre of the story with every other character sharing some life experience with them.

All the characters have been beautifully created and each one has their own uniqueness which will leave you in awe of some, empathy for the other, some will make you laugh till you can laugh no more while some have their own sad story to share.

Between its pages, the book will make you experience the taste of lip-smacking Goan delicacies. You can actually feel the aroma of the food as you read about it and the yummiest Balchao recipe that has been shared in the end. You will get the feel of Goan lifestyle, festivals, celebrations and food with every turn of the page.

In the end I would say, Jane Borges’ has plated this book with a pinch of humour, a dash of nostalgia and lots of love for the city of Mumbai. With this book you will travel in time from when Bombay turned to Mumbai and the stories in-between of the Cavelites, their memories, their laughter, their unrequited love and loss which will make it difficult for you to put this book down till the last page and then crave for more.

I give it fabulous 5 stars.

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Such a crisp and fine review.Definitely worth a read.It makes the city look so amazing and beautiful.

The plot of book sounds really exciting to me. Would love to give it a read. Thanks for sharing your honest review

Such an awesome review. Would love to read this amazing novel “Bombay Balchao” by Jane Borges . I always loved mumbai for its Beaches ,Bollywood and Trendy Lifestyle..Now I have a chance to sneak into an old Mumbai Life through this book..

I love reading and reviewing books on my blog. Being a typical middle-class Christian girl born and brought up in Bombay, I am sure that I will enjoy reading this one. Loved the way you have written this review. Keep writing and bringing fab content to us.

First of all I am in awe with the cover of this book , the cover itself gives a feeling of nostalgia a feeling when people not only in Bombay in other cities also were together , I will buy this book as I can already feel a connection with it.

Well written and described… Based on your review I have reached half way mark… your review is spot on…

This sounds like an absolute delightful read! I loved the vibes of the old city life, and reading it, and reliving it would be lovely. I have ZERO knowledge of the Goan life – the lifestyle and the food, i think i would enjoy reading the recipes too πŸ™‚

Omg im so glad i stopped by your Blog post.
First of all im in love with this vibrant cover & second ly i stay in Colaba So im super excited to read this now.great post

Got to add, given the pandemic, I am stuck at home. The talk of Mumbai makes me nostalgic.

Wow this will be such an interesting read. I have always loved Bombay as I studied there when it was called Bombay and changing it to Mumbai was really hard to visualise because of the emotions. I would love to read the journey and get a perspective.

Your wonderful description of the book literally took me to times back in Mumbai. I would love to read the book.

Such an awesome review. Would love to read this amazing novel “Bombay Balchao” by Jane Borges . I always loved mumbai for its Beaches ,Bollywood and Trendy Lifestyle..Now I have a chance to sneak into an old Mumbai Life through this book..

I had been just once to Mumbai have always seen in movies and serials loved the book copy definitely will be checking out tnx for the review..

I stayed in Mumbai for nearly a year and I loved it.. For me, barring the sky high real estate prices, everything else about Mumbai is great! Thanks for giving a wonderful brief about the book which seems to be a worthy read…

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