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Makhana- A healthy snacking option

Ask your grandma for some snack and she will open a jar of makhana. Makhana or Fox nuts or Lotus seeds as they are called, are back in vogue thanks to everyone getting health conscious these days. You can now see aisles and aisles of various food brands selling makhana’s as a healthy snaking option.

But makhana’s has been used and consumed by our ancestors and goes back in time for being used for many medicinal and Ayurvedic purposes. Not just India, but also in Japan, China and other Asian regions, fox nuts has its roots embedded in history.

So why the new wave of going back to our roots and eating makhana’s? Makhana’s have many health benefits and also aids in weight loss. Lets see whats makes them more attractive to the new generation world over.

  1. Makhana’s are low in sodium, cholesterol and fat, thus makes the perfect snack for mid day hunger pangs.
  2. Fox nuts are also high on protein and are gluten free. No wonder all fitness freaks prefer makhana’s over any other snack.
  3. Low in calories, makhana’s are new best friend for people who are seeking to lose some weight.
  4. High in magnesium, fox nuts are great to keep your heart healthy.
  5. Flavonoids present in the makhana’s are also anti-oxidants which fights the free radicals and slows down the process of ageing. Here ladies, you got a reason to munch on something healthy.

With so many health benefits, makhana is wining the race in healthy snack market. We can now find ready makhana’s being sold in various flavours by brands. But if makhana is eaten the right way and in the correct quantity, it can be of great help to maintain your health and lose weight. There are many ways in which you can relish makhana’s. Since they have a neutral taste, they adopt the taste of the ingredients added to it.

  1. Dry roast them with out any oil or ghee/butter and store in air tight containers.
  2. Roast them with ghee/ butter and and top it up with salt and pepper.
  3. Add some spices and flavours to the ghee/butter roasted makhana’s to make them more tasty.
  4. Makhana chat is the new thing where you add onions and tomatoes with some masala and spices and relish it like any other chat. (Needs to be eaten instantly as makhana’s get soggy easily)
  5. Makhana’s are also used in making sweet dishes like kheer.

While Makhan’s make a heathy snaking option, remember to take them in small portion and treat it as mid meal snack and not as a whole meal. Stick to small portions.

So now that we all know that Makhana’s are good for us, lets ditch the junk snacks and munch on the crispy and crunchy Makhana’s.

23 replies on “Makhana- A healthy snacking option”

Good you reminded me. I’ve bought a couple of packets and forgot to make them for the kids. We love munching on lotus seeds.


Makhanas are extremely popular ingredient of various recipes and make for a perfect healthy snack. Makhana is a great snack and has multiple benefits. I love to eat roasted makhana and they are one of my favourite snack


Yeah totally I’ve seen so many benefits of this!
My mother prefers roasted makhana only for free time munching!
Also, the fact that where we get these from is very interesting!!

Liked by 1 person

Makhanas are a house favorite for sure. I simply toss them in ghee and add salt and pepper. They are extremely nutritious and delicious.


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