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Itaewon Class: A Korean Drama every one should watch- specially the youth

K-dramas have been gaining a lot of popularity world over and thanks to Netflix; we have some really interesting K- dramas to watch with the help of subtitles. The reason why they are being loved and appreciated a lot is due to the interesting plots, story line, cute romance and the story gets over in 16 to 20 episodes and doesn’t drag on. 

I stumbled upon a new K-drama, which was released in 2020, Itaewon Class, which is an inspiring story of success and struggle. The show left a great impression on me and I felt the need to review and recommend it to all my readers. 

Itaewon class stars a very popular Korean actor, “Park Se Joon” (character name “Park Saeroyi”) as the main protagonist whose life turns upside down after an incident where he fights injustice and he lands up loosing all he has. But this doesn’t put him down. In order to seek revenge, he doesn’t fight with hands or words, but lets his work do the talking. He plans to grow bigger than his rival by competing in a just way while his rival makes all attempts to pull him down with power and influence. However, he still continues to struggle and grow with the help of his team and friends. I will stop here and not add spoilers to this. 

The show is a typical K-drama with multiple emotions, interesting story line to get you to the edge of your seat at times and a bit of romance and jealousy too. Yet, what makes this drama stand out is the life lessons that the viewers can take away from it. The show reinforces that one should never give up no matter what happens and continue to work towards their dream. Have fait in people who work with you and motivate them to work better. Park Saeroyi has showcased great management and leadership skills where, when others doubted his team, he showed confidence in them and guided them to do better. The story also shows that success comes with time and good work and you need patience for it.The drama also teaches that when you are growing, do not forget who was standing by your side. The protagonist didn’t leave his team behind as he and his business grew and made sure they get the due reward for the success they attained as a team. Not just that, the drama also talks about acceptance of LGBTQ and people of different race and culture.

Itaewon Class is a very interesting K-drama, which will leave its viewers with a smile and the feeling of contentment. Struggle and success stories are always motivating and that’s what Itaewon class will do to you.  Not just the drama, but also its sound track will make you jump with energy and say “Ho”. There is a reason why this drama become a hit and trust me you will wish for season 2 after watching this. 

Incase you have seen Itaewon Class, let me know your views and thoughts in the comments below and if you have not, I would highly recommend it to you. 

Watch the trailer to get a glimpse of the show incase you have not seen it.
This OST is full of motivation and I mentioned on top, its going to make you get up and shout “Ho”

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oh my friend has also told us about this drama. i have yet to finish what im watching at the moment. i didnt know korean dramas are known as k-dramas.

Lovely plot and quite interesting story line, I wouldn’t have gone for it otherwise, but you made me curious. Thanks for sharing

I used to watch Korean movies and they were really good. Thanks for recommending this one I will try to watch this.

Itaewon class looks to be a great Korean drama for every young adult. The thought that we should take everyone along and addressing LGBTQ thing is great.

I have never watched any Korean drama so the word K-drama is all new to me. But thanks for the recommendation. Will check it out.

I had heard a lot about k drama on different blogs but never explore it from my side. After reading your post feeling that I should give it a try. Will watch it this weekend and let you know how I like it.

Oh my god, I found my K-drama partner. I am in love with k-dramas, I have already watched this one and the main lead is one of my favorite actors from this industry. Yay, let’s do some more K-drama recommendation posts 🙂

K-dramas are quite popular nowadays as well as interesting to watch because of their storyline. This one sounds interesting too, will surely check it out.

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