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The journey I took .…

It was getting really hard for me to stay at home and be with my baby after living a corporate life and always thinking of climbing professional ladder with time. Being a mother, staying at home was a combined choice that my husband and I made. So I had no regrets about it but it was still not going down well with me. 

Its at that time my husband realized that what I need is a good break from the mundane life that I have now adopted. So here came the big news. He sent me on a trip for 18 days to Europe with my bestie. Can you imagine? He would be managing our child with the help of our moms while I would be walking on the streets of some of my favorite places in Europe. 

So here I was ready to explore the world and enjoy the adventure. Our first destination was Amsterdam. Full of youth and beautiful canals, this place was to start the independent and party feel within us. Canal boat ride was super amazing and I don’t need to even speak about Amsterdam’s nightlife. 

A beautiful day in Amsterdam, standing by the canal and enjoying the day.

Next we headed over to Scotland, Edinburgh. From a place like Amsterdam, which is buzzing with people 24*7, Edinburgh is very silent. We visited the Edinburgh Castle and spent most of our times at beautiful cafes and at Princess Street busy shopping and dined at Wagamama, a must try Japanese cuisine eatery famous world over. We also went to see the Loch Ness, which was amazing, and no, we too didn’t find the Loch Monster that is believed to be in Loch. Scotland sleeps early. 

Loch Ness Monster painted on a Wall
At Edinburgh Castle

Hop over to our next destination; we went to Lake District. For two girls who love shopping and eating good food and hustle and bustle, this place was very slow and dull for us. However, Lake District is very picturesque and it was good for us to just relax. 

Hansa meets Hans at Lake District
Picturesque Lake District

The last leg of our trip was the beautiful, classy and my favorite, London. I have always wanted to travel to London and here I was, breathing the air of this beautiful city.  My #happiness knew no bounds as we explored London from length and breadth. The ride in the London Eye, where you can see the London from top, to cruising in Thames, walking from there towards Big Ben and all the way to Buckingham Palace, all on foot to feel the city, was just awesome. London drew me crazy with all the shopping that I could do. I also went to Oxford and saw the famous Oxford University. 

Outside the Oxford University

This break was just for 18 days, but what mattered to me the most was my husbands understanding and knowing that my #Happiness lies in travel and being with people. These 18 days were some of the best days of my life. I felt young again (not that I am any old ). 

It’s been exactly 5 years to this trip today and I can still talk on and on but here I am restricted by words and your reading span. I will just finish this by a quoting a line by Ibn Batuta; Travelling leaves you speechless and turns you into a storyteller

This post is written for SpeakEasy Blogging Challenge by Ruchi Dipika


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Wow, you really had time of your life there. Europe is beautiful and totally worth it. My trip to this side of Europe is due, I’ll plan it someday for sure

Wow, lucky you. Often after babies, life totally takes a u-turn and you find yourself in a totally new zone. But here, you are living a wonderful life. God bless you!!

I can’t tell you how happy this post has made me. Traveling with your friends is indeed a blessing. I can see through your picture what a wonderful trip this must have been, kudos to your family for such strong support.

Great to know this side of happiness where a partner took the plunge to make his wife meet to her real happiness i.e.traveling. Indeed a moment to cherish forever.

Trust me I understand this feeling. I love travelling and I have discovered how much I love travelling in the last few years. Hoping for some great travels in future.

You are very lucky to have an understanding husband. I am sure you must have had a wonderful experience. It clearly reflects through this post. we all need such breaks time to time to detox our brain and rejuvenate our souls for living our life happily.

Kids change us, don’t they? It is exhausting and a good break from routine life with kids is really refreshing. A pat of appreciation to your husband and moms for understanding the need and give you the right kind of happiness break. Aha, I want a break now.

These breaks are often required for us, moms. Very few are lucky to get family’s support. Its great to see how much you enjoyed.

God, please, aisa pati sabko de… I can actually so jealous of you right now.. he he.. but I can imagine the amount of happiness you might have felt while exploring EUrope.. wow dear..

Travel can do wonders for your emotional and mental health. While we may enjoy our job, we also need time to relax and chill. Travel can do that for our mind and body. This place is really looks so beautiful and peaceful. Will definitely going to visit this place soon

Reading this made me so happy! After I gave birth to my second child, I used to think my life is over. I was tired all the time with a full-time job, unreliable maids and no help from anyone. My husband sent me to Nepal for 8 days. I came back as a relaxed, happy and content person. I am so glad that your husband sent you with your bestie for the vacation. It’s nice of him and your family to support you in your journey to self-discovery. Even after 5 years, you are still happy – cos its the most amazing memory and milestone in your life. Thank you for sharing this lovely post with us during #SpeakEasyWithRuchiNDips

Wow, now that sure is happiness. Travel does make life magical and it can even change you as a person, of course in a good way. This world needs more supportive men like your husband.

Travelling indeed fills one with happiness, new experiences and a rejuvenated self. Its a boon that ypu could travel with your bestie and have a very understanding husband. Indeed having a caring and loving partner does fill our hearts & leave us content and happy!

Wow this is so cool. Really happy that your family was understanding. I keep having these conversations with my friends who have kids. I tell them that it is healthy to take a break from the mundane life. And looks like you had a great 18 days trip. I backpacked through Europe for 6 weeks last year and it was the best. I wish I had gone to Scotland as well, but unfortunately, I did not have time. Maybe next time.

Wow! All girls trip is a dream for me right now…your husband is a rock star for understanding you. I m sure you are looking forward to more…maybe we go together;)

such breaks are well needed. it is my dream to visit europe. after kids..we couldnt go anywhere. lets c. but i am delighted to read your experience.

What a beautiful journey it was!!! A much needed break for moms. I would also like to join you and Bhakti on your next trip which will hopefully be soon.

Wow I could understand your happiness and excitement that you had felt after this amazing surprise from your husband. indeed traveling not only break monotonous routine but give a real happiness as well. lovely clicks and it seems you really had loads of fun on your trip.

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