Helicopter Parenting

“Helicopter Parenting” is a new term that many parents may or may not have heard but this is what we modern age parents have been doing all this while. Helicopter parenting is a style of parenting where Parents hover over the kids head all the time wanting to help, do things and keep an eye on them.

So why am I talking about “Helicopter Parents”? I have been a parent from the last 6.5 years and being a mom of two kids, and I have seen parents behaving like Helicopter, hovering over their kids. To a certain extend, even I am a “Helicopter Parent” because in this time and age that we live, its unsafe for our kids and we are concerned about their security. But I was raised as an independent child and I am trying my best to do the same with my kids.

So let me first elaborate what is “Helicopter Parenting”.

The term “Helicopter Parents” was first coined in 1990 by Child Researchers Foster Cline and Jim Fay for parents who use to hover over their kids. “Helicopter Parents” are parents who are always following their children, big or small, wanting to bail them out from tough situations, decide for them and fight their battles and I won’t be wrong in saying that we millennial parents are gradually turning in to Helicopter Parents.

Remember when we were kids, we use to go out to play and our parents would not even call us until its dark and time to come home. But now we ring our kids (thanks to mobile phones) every hour to ask about their whereabouts. I understand the world is turning into an unsafe place to be and parents are always on an alert mode when it comes to their kids. But where do we parents draw a line?

First and foremost, have confidence in your child. Let them fight their own battle and deal with their fears. Your child should be able to think on their own feet and not always rely on you for support.

Accept their failures and mistakes. They are humans, they will make mistakes, fail and falter. Accept it. No human is 100% perfect. So how can we expect our kids to be perfect. Let them taste failure to cherish their victory. All you can do is, watch from far and offer help when your child asks for it. Give them advise, guide them but don’t always stand to catch them when they fall. Otherwise, you will end up hampering their confidence, self esteem and ability to grow. Let them perform rather than taking over the stage from them.

Teach them basic life skills. Firstly like skills are not only meant for a girls. Boys too should know how to run a house without a women. From a young age, involve kids in house chores. This way they feel responsible and needed. Make them responsible for their belongings. If they carry a bag or a toy when going out, ask them to look after it.

Like us, kids too need space and me time. Respect that and give them time to understand themselves and explore their own abilities. No one likes interference in life, not even kids. Its fine to offer support but its not correct to run and get them toilet paper when they are in high school or collage. So step aside, let them take the centre stage.

To understand “Helicopter Parenting” furthermore, listen to my podcast that I had done recently with #SocoWorld on the same topic where I have spoken about it in detail. Click on the link below to hear me out.

You can also read my article I had written some time back on the same topic for another website.

Do drop in your comments, thoughts and views on this and also let me know if you have a unique parenting style. would love to know about it.

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Dear Hansa.

Helicopter parenting is an exact contrast to the helicopter shot by Dhoni.

How ever there is no perfect formula for parenting as all children are unique and one of its kind in the world.
What was successful for elder child cannot be the SOP for the younger sibling. Who better than you would understand.
And the bigger challenge is the parenting style also has to change with the change in age of the child.
In short it’s a beautiful journey of roller coaster ride specially for parents who have sooo unique and crazy individuals like you and me as children. 😀
So keep exploring and experiencing and exploring the journey of parenthood.
The intent should be making our children better humans and not spoiling them with luxuries and making them dependent.

So…. happy parenting wether it’s helicopter, express or rocket parenting… keep exploring. 😘


Chintu Asher

Excellent article, just when I needed it. And I also love to exploring and experiencing the journey of parenthood. Thanks for sharing

Wow I was never aware of the phrase Helicopter parenting, thanks for sharing this I learned something new. Yes it’s important to bring kids up independently and not hover over their heads all the time.

My parents have been overprotective and kind of helicopter parents. So I relate a lot to this post, you mentioned it right we need to maintain a balance for the better growth of the kids.

The term Helicopter parenting is something new to me , though giving space is equally important considering the current scenario we as parents should know everything about our child..that’s what I feel.

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