Mint Lemonade- A thirst quenching summer drink

As the mercury rises, summers in Mumbai can be unbearable and it’s time for all to stay hydrated with cold water, colas and cool cocktails and mocktails to sail through this Mumbai heat. So today I am going to share and interesting summer cooler recipe, which is tasty and will help you quench your thirst and stay hydrated. Its easy to make and all the ingredient are readily available in market and home.

So before I start, let me talk a bit about its two main ingredients.

Green Mint” aka “Pudina” as we call it, is a herb which is not new to Indian families. From tea to briyani, raita and chutney, we add this herb in everything. Along with its refreshing smell, mint leaves also carries many medicinal properties which can help cure stress, morning sickness, asthma, aid digestion and weight loss to leaving a fresh breath, this mint leaf does it all.

Specially in summers, one should add mint leaves in their diet due to its cooling properties, burst of flavour and it also acts as a good relaxant.

As for Lemon, its an amazing antioxidant and high on “Vitamin C” and has many nourishing elements to keep the body hydrated through the summers and fight fatigue. A glass of lemon water everyday can help the digestive system, remove toxins from the body and to some extend also aids in weight loss.

So here I is the refreshing Mint Lemonade recipe

To make on Mason Jar, you need,

  • 2 medium size lemons,
  • a small bowl of mint leaves,
  • sugar as per your taste (can also add honey)
  • Ice and cold water

Take an electric blender, squeeze in the lemons, add the fresh mint leaves, sugar ( I added 2 spoons) or honey, some ice cubes and cold water. Its that simple. Now run the blender till the color changes to a beautiful green. Once its done, strain the juice with a strainer in to the mason jar and garnish it by adding lemon slices in the juice and also on the rim of the jar. And your cooler is ready.

So be summer ready with some fun coolers to quench your thirst and beat the heat. Hope you all like this recipe. Do try it out and if you like what you drink, don’t forget to tag me and I will share your pictures on my Instagram account.

Till next time, stay home stay safe.

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My both girls love lemonade and your recipe sounds like a perfect option to give a refreshing take to routine lemonade. Will try it for sure.

I have a habit of drinking juice, shakes, and other liquids in a day a lot. I drink this mocktail too. It is quite easy to make and does not require many ingredients too. Like sweet lime lemonade. 🙂

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