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Top 5 classic English movies every kid must watch

I have been a movie buff all my life thanks to the family genes and the same is being passed on to my kids. As a child I have enjoyed some really fun movies and have wanted my kids to watch it too. The movies that I have chosen take me back to my olden days when I use to sit with my family and cousins enjoying these classics.

So here are my top 5 picks which I think everyone should watch it with their kids at least once .

  1. Mrs. Doubtfire: This is a comedy movie which touches the topic of divorce and how it affects the family. While this may sound sad to you, but no, the movie is full of fun and laughter. The male lead, Robbin Williams, disguises him self as a househelp to be with his kids and then the fun ride begins. This a must watch movie for all kids.

2. Mary Poppins (The film): This is a Walt Disney fantasy musical movie which was released way back in 1964 and it combined live action with animation. It recently released its sequel “Mary Poppins Returns” in Dec 2018. A fun classic movie that every kid will enjoy.

3. Dunston Checks In: This is again a comedy movie about an Orangutang who has come into a 5 star hotel and all the fun that follows. Its a laughter riot for kids and the bond between the Orangutang and the small child is amazing. Trust me when I say your child is going to love this move.

4. Baby’s Day Out: This is one movie that had left us all amazed when we watched it for the first time. A small baby kidnapped, escaped and out in the open world managed to survive the day and get back home safe and all that happened in-between was sheer fun to watch. For sure your child would be laughing his/her heart out while watching this movie.

5. Dr. Dolittle: This movie first came out in 1998 and has many sequels to it. Eddie Murphy who plays the titular role, has the ability to speak to animals and thus all sorts of animals approach him for medical advice while everyone else around him thinks he has gone crazy. This movie is going to tickle the funny bone of your kids for sure.

These are great movies and lockdown is the perfect time for the entire family to cuddle up, grab that popcorn and let the screen blare. Hope you all enjoy these movies as much we did.

22 replies on “Top 5 classic English movies every kid must watch”

Thanks for sharing this list me and my niece watched so many movies during this lockdown will missed some movies which you mentioned above and thanks for suggesting these movies on right time. Will going to watch the remaining movies


The movie names are so appropriate… Mrs Doubtfire and Dr Dolittle was my favourites too. I watched them when I was a kid… heheheh πŸ™‚

your blog is really good, Hansa

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LOVED this list! It brought back so many childhood memories! I remember watching these films on the VCR at home with all my friends. We used to plan the movie afternoon, days in advance and after it was done, we spent so many days discussing the film. Thank you for writing this lovely post.

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AMAZING LIST !!! This is will be absolutely fun when you also gets involved with kids while watching movies. This will be stress buster for you and you kid will learn new and better english words. Also, Can you talk about Cartoon that kid must watch ??
Keep sharing the good content πŸ™‚


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