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Early Reading for Babies and Toddlers

Being a reader myself, I had started reading books to my both my kids at a very early stage.

Some parents think that the child is too small to even understand that this is a book or some say the baby cant even talk whats the use of reading now? But this is untrue. While the child is small, he/she still has the ability to learn things. Remember, first 5 years are the most crucial for your child’s brain development so don’t waste your time waiting for your child to grow up a little.

When you are reading a book to your child, it can be anything a picture book or sound book. The colourful pages and images excites the child and he/she is bound to get interested. Remember on thing, your child may not be able to speak but the he/she is registering what you are saying and gradually will pick up the words. Isn’t it the same way kids learn to talk. We don’t wait for them to grow and understand to teach them our language. Then why wait when it comes to reading. No baby is too small to be spoken to.

Here are some of the benefits of reading to your child:

  1. The child will grasp the sounds and words which will help in early language development.
  2. Stimulate brain development and curiosity.
  3. Dual language development. Your mother tongue can be different and you read a book in other language, say English. Your child will grasp both the languages as he/she grows.
  4. As your child grows, he/she will be fond of reading and books will be his/hers best friend.

To make your child enjoy their time with the book;

  1. Read to them slowly. Let the child understand the word and the sound. Don’t rush.
  2. Change your tone when reading a book. If its something exciting, show that expression in your voice as well. If its something sad, make a sad face to show the emotion attached to the word.
  3. Turn the pages slowly. This way you child will learn how to use a book.
  4. Buy books with bright colours and pictures.
  5. Set up a reading routine. Make sure everything around you is shut off to avoid distraction of the child.
  6. Make the child look in the book. This way he/she will know what is the word with the picture.

Early reading can make your child kindergarten ready. When we hand over an iPad or a phone in a kids hand to learn, we are taking away the interaction part of learning. Once this happens your child would prefer to spend more time with gadgets than with humans. But when you sit and read to your child and make this a bed time routine, this can help making bedtimes more smooth and can also lead to a life long habit. As your child is growing, don stop reading to them. The books will change but read to them as much as you can.

By mummatalks

Mom of two brats, use to work as an analyst now a SAHM. Love books.

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Agree 100%. We always read to my son since he was very little. Since he turned 6 he started reading himself to bed whilst we sit next to me. His teachers are amazed at the books he reads now. I am so glad all that hard work paid off and we could instill a love for books in him.

Agree! I have never been a natural reader if I could say so. But I am so proud as a parent I have been able to inculcate reading into my 6 year old daughters day to day routine. Since she was a baby we would read her a book during day and also at bed time. Reading has become part of her life! Other day we bought her a book set of 20 and 8 books were read in a day! Yes in a day.

Aiming to do the same for my younger one

Firstly the images are such love and the moments and stories can just be imagined how you and the little one travel across so much. And in todays age we need to get the mind back to books and nor screens

I have zero experience with kids. I am also an early reader, one thing I had learnt from my mom and it was kids imitate the elders. Like if your children see you reading obviously, they will develop that habit. I really liked the way u have written this article.

We are a family of readers. I have always gifted kids books right from first bday. They have all kind of books feel, pop up, musical etc.
Reading is one thing that the earlier we start the better.

-Ujjwal Mishra Mywordsmywisdom

I have two kids aged 12 and 8. From an early age, I inculcated the idea of book reading to both. Now as they are growing up, they are turning into voracious book readers. My son has a good collection of story books and he continues to enjoy reading. My daughter likes to read stories on her Kindle.

Hey! This is very useful! It is really very important to get reading habits in children from a very early age! And it is also important to choose wisely what our children are reading!

I totally agree with your blog. Early reading is always helpful. I remember that my elder daughter used to identify the colours correctly right from the age of 5 months. And I used to show her every colorful thing then.. people used to say ‘ why you’re behaving like a paranoid mom..?’ but I believed that this will kid in her overall development. Hence it did. My daughter loves reading books.. and Peppa pig is her favourite one.

Reading is a habit that needs to be cultivated early in kids.It definitely goes a really long way.

I’m a voracious reader and if there’s one thing I’d like for my son to inherit from me, then that’s the habit of reading. Our day is not done without me not having read a bedtime story to him. Lovely post!

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