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My take on “Four Most Shots Please”

So when I first saw Season 1 of “Four More Shots Please”, I was smitten by it. The fashion, the lifestyle the glamor and the uptown privileged girls. I am sure every girl out there missed her bestie and her girl gang. A phone call of course would have gone out to your girlfriend after watching the show. And it was the same with Season 2. Lots of hype around its release and girls were excited to watch it. Ain’t i right?

While I really enjoyed the show with the 4 beautiful and powerful girls who set the fashion on fire and successful in their own careers, I was really not happy with the end of both the shows.

In Season 1, everything was wonderful, fashion on point, dialogues were wow, lifestyle, career and the Truck Bar meet ups, everything was wonderful. It made me miss my bachelor life when I didn’t have to think about my kids before picking up another glass of drink and party the night away. But as the show was coming to an end, girls lost their love, some lost in their professional life, one was shown as a bad mother and everything went topsy turvy. Start of the downfall of all the 4 girls. Why? It felt as if the director was trying to share the message that, being a girl if you try to live a very flamboyant and an ostentatious life, you are going to mess it all up. Clearly this is the message that I got.

Then comes Season 2. I had some hope that I would see a better life for the 4 girls. And yes, in the start, things were good. Damini was to launch her own book against all odds. Showed her as a self resiliant woman. Anjana Menon took a stand for herself and repositioned herself professionally. Siddhi Patel, finally came to know what was she good at and tried to perfect it. And the last one, Umang, who fought all odds for her love and finally chose what was right for her. But again, the end of the season spoilt it all up for me. None of the 4 girls were happy. Umang walked out of her own marriage, Damini’s book was banned and to top up the drama quotient, the director even added a miss-carriage and fight between 2 lovers. Anjana’s fling with the boss who was already married, spoilt it all up for her. And if all this was not enough, the director just took away Siddhi Patel’s father. Why? That was not even needed. It was such a rush rush end. Everything happened so fast as if the director just wanted to reiterate “Live a Bindas life being a girl, and you are sure to get all messed up in the end” and complete the drama. I really dont understand why in the end, did Siddhi Patel’s father had to die? Just to show that since all the 3 girls were in a mess in the last episode, why leave Siddhi out? Drop in a bomb for her character as well.

Personally I think this is it for me for this show. Season 3 would excite me only for the girls lifestyle and I would fast forward the entire show to see just the parties, chills and the awesome dresses and skip the entire melodrama. I was somewhere expecting the director to be more optimistic about the lives of these 4 girls and also realise that “Things always don’t end up in a mess”. There is something called as Happy Ending and women too deserve to have it their way. And to let you all know. The entire drama, in front and the back of the camera was managed by all female crew. So this is not the end I would have expected coming from a show managed completely by an all women team.

P.S. I know there are some spoilers in this review but I am sure by now everyone, well most of you all must have seen the drama being at home under the lockdown. So don’t kill me for spoiling it for you 🙂

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Totally agree with your review! As much as I love the show as it made me go back into the life I had before kids but all that that drama wasn’t needed!

Lovely summary and take on the show. The ending of season 1 had really upset especially for Anjana’s character. I wasn’t too happy with the end of season 2 either barring Umang as I thought she made the right decision. However, there was no need for the creative to create unnecessary drama in Siddhi and Damini’s life. They could have kept the child and shown her as a successful single mom and author in next season. Let’s hope the creative team take popular opinion on board.

Love Reading your post

Thanks for sharing the honest review about the series. I heard a lot about the ending that it was not good or not up to the mark. But I will going to watch both the series for sure.

Though I may not agree with the message you have gleaned from the endings of the show, I completely agree that the endings spoilt both seasons. I just felt they were excessively melodramatic and fake- as simple as that! But I do enjoy the show for their friendships and the fun moments.

I did not like season 2 at all. I just felt that the show never progressed from season 1 and I felt some of the scenes were just forced and not in the flow. Very disappointed with it.

Thanks for the great review, now I have less regret of not watching them. I watched a couple of episodes of season one but couldn’t relate to the lifestyle or charecters and hence left it there.

I havent watched this so cant say but the review is super in the way it analyses so many shades of the characters and the plot itself …which is what series survive on. I guess for me I would have done some SATC comparisons

I didn’t get chance to watch this series. Though trailer of this series never impressed me. After reading your honest review I think I can skip this show for some better series. Thanks for sharing this.

I had watched first few episodes of season 1 but honestly dear there were some aspect of content that I did not like much. but yes, i liked the girl friendship and bond. thanks for sharing your experience, will be great for those who are following this series.

as you said I enjoyed season one.. season two was very melodramatic and irrelevant for some charachters..I just felt umang ‘s decision to call off her marriage was the right one.. let’s see what season 3 has to come up with

I watched the first season and like you I was unhappy with the way it ended. The first episode of the second season put me off, don’t know why. It’s chic but unnecessarily dramatic and rebellious, I felt. Thanks for the spoilers, I didn’t miss anything!

Honestly, I haven’t watched any of the seasons, not even a single episode, simply because it’s not my type. But I have heard views from everyone around me about this show. And that made me feel as if I was the only one who has skipped watching it. But yes, I agree with you, why not make a happy ending.

I watched the season 1 and liked the friendship spirits of the girls but the hype the show got was understood to me. Each person life going so wary in the Life graph, don’t we have simpler versions having friendship tale to narrate. And your views make it clear that it’s okay if I haven’t watched the season 2 yet.

From your review the book seems to be a subtle misogynistic way of telling that the flamboyant lifestyle can spoil girls. It is sad that movies and books that claim to be women centric gives such a bland portrayal of her essence. Thanks for the honest review.

Interesting review. I didn’t know about this show at all. But you are right there end of the seasons don’t sound very appealing.

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