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Top 5 toys a 2yr old must have

Toys are not only toys but also a means of development when it comes to kids. There are certain toys designed for motor and fine skill development. Toys also help in improving imagination, grip, concentration and much much more. 

So today I am listing 5 must have toys, which can help in the right development of kids of up to 2years. 

  1. Blocks: For little Kids, I would always recommend Mega Blocks set. First;y kids are attracted to their bright colors. Also these blocks help in developing motto skills, mental exercise and improve concentration and imagination. I would not suggest Legos or small blocks for small kids for the fear of chocking.
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2. Wooden Hammer and Ball Toy: Wooden toys now a days are made of good quality and more preferred as they are not plastic hence are toxic free. This bright coloured toy can help in the motor skill development of the child and the child can also learn names of colors and shapes.

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3. Educational Abacus: I have seen this abacus in the Melissa an Dough toys and I think its apt for small kids. It has 36 double sided tiles with numbers and alphabets. Kids can learn Alphabets and numbers also small words. It helps in hand eye coordination and also develops fine motor skills of the child.

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4. Shape Sorter: Shape sorter toy is a good way to keep the child busy and their brains running. Don’t expect your child to get it perfect in the first few attempts. They will take time to understand the shape and what goes where and once they get the hang of it, they will enjoy this toy. Its a perfect toy for hand eye coordination and early skill development.

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5. Multi Activity Toy: There are many options in this to choose from. The benefit of this toy is that it has multiple things included so that the child can be busy for a longer time. Coloured beads, music sound, animal sounds, numbers and alphabets. Such toys help in developing the fine motor skills and also stimulates brain development along with hand eye coordination and sensory development. : Classic World Toys Multi-Activity Cube with Wheels ...

So these are my top 5 picks of toys for kids upto 2 years. Do let me know in the comments below if you have any more recommendations or add ons that can be made.

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18 replies on “Top 5 toys a 2yr old must have”

Thanks Hansa,
Have tried all except the last one which is interesting too 😇👌
Really appreciate ur efforts for all that ur doing for the kids ♥️

We have few of them but I would love to buy Educational Abacus for my niece. Thanks for sharing this great list

Love this post and suggestions for new mums. I am glad I had all these when my son was that age

Sucha fun informative post which talks about focusing on a child’s skills and abilities and how toys can build his knowledge and understanding. For me I still remember building blocks were always such fun

Oh yes these were toys that both my kids had at that age. It helped them understand a lot of things thanks to them. I have always bought stuff that taught them things.

When my son was a 2-year-old (he is 12 now), he used to play with the Shape Sorter. I remember getting him the toy on his birthday … and that he absolutely loved it.
As a parent, me and my wife were so relieved that the toy could hold his interest for a longer time than the stuffed toys we got for him. Thanks for bringing back those memories.

My younger one is 2 year old and she loves her mega blocks and shape sorter. I think they are interesting and safe for young kids. I believe we should also introduce some musical toys. Kids sometimes love to dance and jump along with music.

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