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Mamma’s Boy

Me being a total Papas girl myself, Aayera is just the same – a complete Daddy’s girl. But when I had a Son, I realized what is so special between a Son and Mothers bond #boymom. Its just so sweet and sacred the way my little boy adores me and kisses me the whole day and none of us two can get enough of this love (my husband had once literally told him “leave my wife alone”). And its through this bond that I wish to teach my son to respect and value girls/women and be a “Good Man”

By loving his Mumma and watching his Dad love his Mumma, he too will learn to be more respectful, emotional and understand the strength and sensitivity of a women and be a well-balanced gentleman and not be afraid to cry, show his emotions or say I love you. While he sees a Queen in me, I intend to recognize the “Handsome Prince” in him. 

By mummatalks

Mom of two brats, use to work as an analyst now a SAHM. Love books.

14 replies on “Mamma’s Boy”

Thanks for the lovely post! A son’s relation with his mother is always special. When I was growing up, I was more closer to my mother. My father used to be very strict, and I couldn’t muster up the courage to open up with him. Mother was approachable most of the times.
As time passed, I slowly started to realize why God created mother and father, and why they have a special place in our lives 🙂


Teaching these basic virtues is very important. We are raising the next generation, lets raise a responsible one.


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