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Raising a child with a mind of his own…

As Aaryaveer has entered his 3rdyear in August, I have been noticing some changes in his personality. He has always been a self-indulged child who keeps himself busy and that’s the best thing about him. But if you ask him to do something else in between like call him for eating or for a shower or go to bed, he gets angry and annoyed. He would in return refuse to listen to what I have to say or cry his way out. So in the end, I have to give in to him and allow him to finish what he is doing at that time. 

So while I use to get annoyed with this earlier as he would not come when I call him or listen to me when he is busy, I made a change in my approach to deal with this.

Firstly, I stopped being angry as he is already annoyed and If I too get angry, we are going nowhere with it.

I started giving him time. Time to finish what he is doing and come to me. 

If I don’t have that much time to wait, I go to him and try and get my work done without moving him.  Eg. Feeding him while he is playing and not waiting for him to come to the dinner table for his meals. 

The major thing I make sure now is, when I need him, I keep him off distractions like toys, tv or puzzles.  So during his meal, study or bath time, I make sure all distractions are kept away and he is free to listen to me and come to me. 

Let me know in the comments as to how do you deal with your childs tantrums and temper issues. Would love to read your views and also get some new ideas. 

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This phase is amazing. Wondering how amazing the conversation would go between you two. He is son of strong headed and confident Mumma. It clearly is visible in him. Don’t worry too much. He will mallow down and you both will surely get to a happily ever after.

Yeah now a days we give them the liberty to think for themselves while also making sure to show them the right way. Awesome write up.

Nice write up, truly handling in this phase in little difficult but from the parenting stage, we learn so much in our life, like how to calm our self and control the situation with our kids.

It’s not easy to raise kids. They could be demanding if we didn’t take care from the very intimate years. Keeping patience definitely helps.

The blog title is intriguing. Lovely read. Gone are the days when you treat kids like kids. You can’t not take them seriously. I think the key to good parenting is to listen to the kids.

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