Brand Collaboration- Select Wisely

Brand Collaboration- choose Wisely

As you step into the blogging world, the first thing (yes first) that comes to anyones mind is Collaborations. Any blogger or influencer will seek collabs as thats the main source of income.
So does it mean that being a blogger, you nod your head in a yes for any brand that comes your way? Well the audience is very smart. When they see that you blog is full of promotions, they will gradually loose interest.

So here is how I choose brands for Collaboration.

Use: The product should be of use to you or your family. If you think you will never use it and pass the product over to someone else, don’t do that collab. Thats one reason why I don’t do too many cosmetics collabs unless I really like a product.

Liking: I always choose products that are of my kids and my liking. For eg. my kids love milk mixes, so i do their collabs. Also I prefer books, toys and activity boxs as thats what my kids enjoy.

Value Addition: If you feel working with a particular brand is going to add value to your page/blog, Do It. After all you blog is also like your resume in which good brands add value to your work.

Your Limitations: The deliverables should commensurate the payments that are being made. If a brand is asking for too many deliverables for a small amount of payment, say No. Also, if you think you have to stretch beyond your comfort zone, don’t do it.

Its all about Money Honey: Blogging like anything else, is a job which needs to be paid for. BRand shell out crores of rupees for celebs to do their promos and Insta posts but when it comes to bloggers, they act like beggars. We are not celebs nor are we asking for crores. But work should be valued and paid for.Woking for barter when you are new in the blogging world is how it starts but once you gain followers and your reach increases, start asking for payment.

We all need work but we also need to be wise when we choose what to do and where to say a No. Hope this post helps you in making your choices. Do leave a comment of you liked what you read. 

By mummatalks

Mom of two brats, use to work as an analyst now a SAHM. Love books.

20 replies on “Brand Collaboration- Select Wisely”

I couldn’t agree with you more, awareness among bloggers for such things is required as many new bloggers take whatever is offered and hence disturbing the things for others. I wouldn’t say its always brands who act like beggars but the PRs, newbies, wannabes etc too make it worse.

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Rightly said. I only have paid promotions on my blog. Others are all by me and for me and perhaps some to help others too. I love writing. But not for free.

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I completely agree with your post. It is so important to choose which brands to collaborate with. I have till now endorsed only one product and very few travel companies as it was in line with my niche of travel. There have been many collab requests that have come forward which I have said No to as it is important to keep the trust of your followers.

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You are absolutely right, we must share a product in which we believe strongly. Money is an important criterion which many of us forget in the excitement to work for a brand and struggle later.


I couldn’t agree with you more, awareness among bloggers for such things is required as many bloggers take whatever is offered and hence creating problems for others. It’s not always take anything and everything as freebies and just creating the mess, it should be mutual and aesthetic to value a blogger’s work. Great read


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