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Call Me AL – Book Review

QOTD: To what extent would you go to regain your power?

Book: Call Me Al – The Hero’s Haha Journey
Author: Sheheryar B. Sheikh
Pages: 292
Publisher: Harper Collins India

📖 Blurb: 
AL aka Altamaash who is the protagonist once ruled over Pakistan but now is under Exile in London for nearly 2 decades and desires to return back to his homeland with the same charm and respect that he drew before. Hence he commits crime. 1st a double murder of GGJ and NED and a countrywide riot so that he can return as the saviour of the people. He plans all this while in London and waits for the blood stained crown of glory.

📖 My review: 
The Author has written well about politics and the dirty games that are involved and not once you will feel like putting the book down. The story is very well crafted and narrated as its told by 3 characters, AL, GGJ and NED. The book grew on me slowly as the pages turned and the story kept on progressing. Though with the kind of vocabulary used, you may feel the need to grab your dictionary now and then. All the characters have been set with a purpose and n you will find no loose ends to any of then. The cover of the book is well designed and aptly compliments the title. 
Being my 1st book by a Pakistani Author, I am totally taken away by the writing and the way the entire political scene that has been created.

📖 Rating: 
This book gets a 4/5. Highly recommended. 

12 replies on “Call Me AL – Book Review”

Wow I have never read anything by a Pakistani author. Will try and get my hands on this. Love these kind of stories.


Going by your review alone, ‘Call me AL’ seems like a wonderful book. Pakistani authors are known for their exceptional writing, and I am glad you liked the writing style and the depiction of the entire political scene in the book.


This book and story line seems interesting. I will try to read this one. Thanks for sharing your review.


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