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Flyaway Boy – Jane De Suza Shrilok Homeless – Pika Nani

Flyaway Boy by  Jane De Suza

A book I would recommend every parent to read. This book talks about how kids feel pressurized and how we should accept every individual as he or she is. 

Kabir is a young boy who has his own set of talent, which are not accepted by all around him.  He doesn’t fit in for them. He finally runs away from them all and now his parents are put to search him. 

To know more as to what happens to Kabir and will he come back home, read the book. This book is meant for both parent and child as we as parents and society at large always have pre defined rules of acceptance and if anyone is an outlier, we find it difficult to accept them. 

A very well written book with so much flow of emotion, it’s a great read and takes away a straight 5/5 from me. 

Shrilok Homeless – The Ultimate Adventure by Pika Nani

As a growing reader, suspense and mystery were always my favorite genre and so I started buying such books for my niece too as she too is venturing into new genres of reading. 

The book is a Volume 2, we didn’t feel like we missed anything by not reading the 1stvolume. The story theme as we all can guess is linked to Sherlock Homes and Doctor Watson and on similar lines we have Shrilock and his friend Rohan Doctor. 

The book has 10 short stories about some interesting cases solved by Shrilok and his Doctor friend. The plot of each story is interesting and based in India so kids can relate to it easily. Also, use of Hinglish makes it more relatable. Simple language and fluid writing with a knitted plot makes a good read for young and investigative minds. 

I give it a good 4/5 for the interesting read that it is.

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Both these books seem like good read. I haven’t read both of them but I would love to buy some good books. Even though these seem to be books for kids, I would love to read them too.

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