That Thing About You – Book Review

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Book: That Thing About You
Author: Abhaidev

Pages: 220
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Write India Publishers

QOTD: Do you have that one friend, with whom you confide about each and everything in your life and that friend knows you better than you yourself? 

Plot: Subodh (the Protagnist) is an introvert guy who chooses to be with himself and has a very lazy lifestyle. Being rejected by the girl he likes, he gets lost in a world that never exhisted before and here he introspects life with an unknown and an unseen friend. Where will this friendhsip take him?

Review: Firstly the cover of the book is good and justifies the story. The flow of the story is lucid and can be read easily in a short time. The language used is simple and easy. The plot is interesting and will keep you wondering about the mysterious friend of Subodh. There is a lot of philosophical mesaaged shared by the author in a simple way and yet the message is conveyed very well. A persons mundance life is shared wherein there is romance, rejection, gossips, heartbreaks, introspection. There comes a time in everyones life when they feel lost, all one needs is someone to guide and be with during that phase. That one friend can become your only hope to sail through. Wouldn’t you want to hold on to that frined for life? The author has given an intersting and unexpected end to the story.

My rating

Story 4/5

Climax 4.5/5

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