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What Mina Did – Book Review

Book Review

QOTD: What would you do if your Childhood friendship hits rock-bottom? Will you mend the bridges or let them burn? 

Book: What Mina Did

Author: Geeta Menon

Pages: 286

Price: Rs 295/-

Genre: Fiction

Publisher: Rupa Publication


This book is about 2 best friends, Mina and Neelu. A dreadful past is still lingering over Mina. She moves to USA after her marriage and she is still trying to cope with her past.  However, her short trip to India brings back the horrid memories. Neelu, a headstrong girl, has her own issues and things mess up after they unite in India. Childhood friendship is going down the drain. Will it surface, or will it drown? Read the book to know. 


Firstly, the cover of the book and the title are good. The book gives the vibe of being a murder mystery but its nowhere close to it. My expectation from the suspense was much more but the book falls flat on that. The entire suspense is written off in few paragraphs, post that, the 2ndhalf of the book just revolves around Mina and Neelu and their friendship in two different time zones. Too much details about Mina’s work and personal life in the 2ndhalf of the book seems unnecessary. Both female characters, Mina and Neelu have been portrayed as level headed and confident women trying to make their life in a foreign land. 

Overall an easy read. You may want to complete the book once you star reading it because you would want to know what happened in the end.

My rating ⭐⭐⭐/5

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This books seems interesting and you describe this very beautifully it is a sensitive topic . You have Reviewed it nicely. I am keeping this in my list

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