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Curse of Anuganga – Book Review

After a really long wait I am starting with Book Reviews and will be doing a lot of them going forward and I hope and wish that my reviews and recommendations are liked by you all.

Book: The Curse Of Anuganaga
Author: Harini Shrinivasan
Genre: Suspense/Fiction
Publisher: Tree Shade Books
Pages: 270

PLOT: The story dates back to 403 C.E in the time of Gupta Dynasty. A renowned jeweller- Vishnuveera is commissioned to make jewellery for 2 high profile weddings; one of Vinayasuar’s daughter Tarika and other of the Crown Prince Divakara, son of widowed Queen Prabhavatigupta.

Vishnuveera juggles the two assignments by asking his son Shaunaka (also the Protagonist of the story) and adoptive son Ashwini to work for Vinayasura and sends them to his house. While Shaunaka is not keen on being a jeweller, Ashwini is good with his art of jewellery making.However, things take a drastic turn as Vinayasura is murdered in his house and on the other hand some one is trying to assassinate the Crown Prince. Shaunaka and Ashwini are summoned by the police to assist in the investigation. The story revolves around a curse and revenge and as the book proceeds, the mystery unfolds.To know more, you have to read the book as it will be spoilers if I share more details.


* Author has done a distinctive research about the history and its characters.

* Use of sanskrit and hindi words give an ancient touch to the story.

* Authors description of ancient art, clothing, lifestyle and language will take you back in time. Definitely a page turner.

* Cover of the book has a very rustic and vintage feel to it.

* Language and flow of the story is very lucid.

* Strong characters, specially Shaunaka and Devi TarinikaOverall a great read and will keep you enthralled till the last page.

Ssshhhhh….softly, walls have ears too..
My Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

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A great review overall and seems like an engaging read. Looking forward to getting my hands on this book soon.

It’s looks like a intresting book I am going keep it in my list . Thanks for the review

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