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From Phones to Books

Yes my kids are users of Phone and iPads and Yes I use to give it to them because at times I needed them off me so that I could get other things done. But gradually this habit caught up with them and I as a mom, wife and homemaker, had my hands full all the time and so I would give in to their demand. When we went out in public places, be it dinner, relatives house or travelling, I would hand them phone each so they stay seated and not run around or make much noise.

But me and my husband also knew that this needs to stop and we need to find some alternate means to keep them occupied and engaged. Hence I looked for what they loved doing most— COLOURING. So I started carrying colouring books and colours with me for all my outings and “WOLA” my kids sat colouring away without many any noise or bothering or disturbing me. So my baby bag now always has a Colouring books and colours in it and wherever we go, you will spot my kids colouring.

There were certain things I kept in mind though.

  • Since I have 2 kids, I always carry things in multiple of 2. 2 books and 2 sets of colours.
  • Carry books of cartoons or characters that your kids like.
  • Always carry what your child wants and not what you want them to colour.
  • With 2 kids, always keep things similar, if its sketch colour for one, take the same for other too because kids always want what the other has.

I did manage to tackle the issue well and now when we go out, we now have people coming up to us and saying ” wow your kids are busy colouring away…so good” and it does make us as Parents feel very happy because I know there were times when people would tell us off for our kids using phones in public. However, I have high regards for YouTube. Thanks to it, learning became easy for my kids and I won’t deny that I still do give my them phone at times.

My next blog will be on how I set up YouTube for my kids so that the videos that they saw were useful for them. Till then, stay tuned, show some love for this post, leave comments with your views, opinions or thoughts. Love X0X0


By mummatalks

Mom of two brats, use to work as an analyst now a SAHM. Love books.

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Amazing. Way to go. Glad you could find what works! One thing I admire is that they don’t watch phones while eating! So no distracted feeding. Hence a win for you! Keep posting and motivating others. You are doing a great job as mom

Great post!! I too try the same with my girl. It’s just story and puzzle books coz that’s wat keeps her engaged. I still have a part to play coz she still can’t read all by her own. Wil try coloring books too coz that is also one of her interests.

Well done mommy…
It’s we who evolve as parents when we look for healthy food options,better lifestyle and good habits for our kids .Kudos to all mothers who keep trying to deliver their best with each day.

That’s nice… My son is 14 months old and so loves watching videos on my phone ….. I usually successfully distract him most of the times, but making him eat is not possible without phone…

I’m struggling myself to do the same. Being a single child its so difficult to get them to engage and get them away from gadgets. And specially boys. I’m glad you’re able to manage that.

Well done mommy.. Good you could find out a way for your kids.. Thanks for inspIring other moms like me

It is always good to take proper action before things go out of hands. You took the right step and tackle this problem well. I think this idea will help other mommies who are looking to reduce screen time for their babies.

This is the best transformation ever, keeping the kids away from screen is the most toughest and the important thing at the moment. I have successfully kept my lo away from screen for 2 years. Waiting for a year more to go.

This is a Great post currently We are also not using phone infront my baby beacuse he is increasing his intrest in phone . We also do colouring while travel

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