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We are living in a world where women are faced with maximum challenges, be it physical endurance of child birth or monthly periods, or be it facing social inequality in the form of pay packages. We are told to follow our husbands or the men of the house. We cant shine brighterthan our male counterpartsand no one wants a more superior or able girl as a wife for he would feel inferior and would be laughed upon in the society.  When a woman talks about feminism, she is laughed upon my men but men fail to realize that theycame from a woman and a hand that can rock the cradle can rule the world.

We may talk about the world reforming, things changing globally but the reality is, and we all are aware too, that nothing has changed, its just the top layer or the cream of the cake which is made to look attractive and realistic but what lies beneath is still the same. No matter how educated or advanced the world may be, ask a man to be a home maker, quit his career and take care of family and kids while his wife will earn money…and there it is….we get our answer.

SHE TALK by SHE THE PEOPLE TV along with CANADAININDIA hosted some of the powerful women who have made their own mark, createdan identity for themselves and have become the face of modern women who are trying to fight it out.

Eminent women spoke about how they overcametheir challenges, followed their dreams and have now made themselves prominent  enough to stand in front of a crowd today and speak about their achievements.

Since I missed the start of the event thanks to Mumbai traffic, I will write and share from where I tuned in.

Pooja Taparia, Founder and Chief Executive of Arpan, works on the issue of Child Sexual Abuse. She spoke about how child abuse is on therise and that its not just the girl child but boys too arenot spared. As parentsweshould be careful for both the genders in today’stime. She also spoke about social media and how much and what needs to be shared and where we should draw the line because you really don’t know who is watching and what can come your way in repercussion.

Vineeta Singh, founder of Sugar Cosmetics and FAB BAG subscription box , is an IIM graduate.She declined a hefty pay offer to pursue her own dream and today she has provedthat women in India are nailing the startup scene. Not only that, she is also a marathon runner and she has completed the IRON MAN marathon alongside her husband and also participated and completed Mumbai marathon while she was 6months pregnant. Today she has nearly 700 employees of which 500 are women and she spoke about how important it is to identify your fear and to win it as it is one of the life skillsand everyone should practice it.

Meet Jasmine Khurana, she made the audience laugh till they fell off their chair and can you believe she was an Economist by profession who after 3 decades chose to go back to her first love. Don’t get thinking, writing is her first love and it took her long but she got there. Her speech had a pun to it as she spoke about midlife hormones which can be more brash then teenage hormones and that sooner or later, she found her G-spot… Humor. Yes you read that right. That’s Jasmine Khurana for us.

Nidhi Chaphekar, Brussels airport bomb blast survivor was an air attendant with Jet Airways and a blast next to her threw her life away. With her hair burnt, to metal pieces in her foot, a missing heel and her face tarnished, being in medically induced coma to not bing able to recognize her family, she for once gave up her willingness to survive but realizing that her family is putting ina lot of effort and have a faith in her, she then decided to fight it and today here she is. Her family saw her as a fighter and she wanted to prove them right.

Abha Singh, chose to turn the tide after being a civil servant for 14 years. She went on tostudylaw from Mumbai University and is now a high profile advocatepracticing in the High Court of Mumbai.  She shared her thoughts on how one needs to come out of their comfort zone and explore. She is fighting for gender equality and an equal pay for all and she spoke about how rural labour differentiates in salary by 20% between male and females and the same is scenario in urban society.  We call ourselves educated and more polished than the rural people but when it comes to equality of pay, urban women and rural women are treated the same. The fundament right of a woman is being violated and women are just happy with what they are getting while what they really need to do is fight forequal rights and equal pay.

A face we all must have seen on our TV from the Popular NETFLIX show, Sacred Games, Kubbra Sait spoke about her story of how she got here with perseverance and what it takes to be successful. In the end you have to ask your self, does being successful makes you happy or are you just happy being successful.

With such events conducted by She the People TV, they make our belief more and more stronger that women in today’s world can mend, bend and trend the society and no one should take them to be a weaker sex because as I reiterate, the hand that rocks the cradle can rule the world too.

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Wow this is absolutely amazing post. Such powerful and strong women. I have been following some of the most powerful voices who raise important issues. This is really awesome to get those voices heard too.

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