Kids and Me

2019 Looking forward to you

As we walk in to 2019, the previous year has been a great one and a year to cherish.

A new house of your own with your name on the name plate meant the world to me. Been 6 months that we moved in and I still stare at the nameplate every time I walk in or out of the house. My Husband gave me a house and I tried and am still working on making it a lovely home.

A birth of a child in family-a new member to love, care and cherish for life. The tiny little hands and little eyes staring back at you every time you make a funny noise or a face. Just love it. 2018 blessed me to be an Aunt to my brothers baby girl. I am just in awe of baby girls. They are the best.

2018 also made me take up writing which i always wanted to do but was apprehensive to take the step. However I did plunge into it and look forward to improve with it as time goes by.

However, for 2019, I want it to be my year. This year I plan to concentrate more on self while I also look after my family and loved ones. I was to shed some (read: a lot) of weight that I gained being a mommy and with my hands full with two little humans running around, I had no time to burn it out. So this year i want to change the way I appear.

Getting rid of negativity and letting go is what I want to practice this year. I generally hold back things and don’t forget even if I have forgiven and I realised its just hampering me and no one else. People will be the way they are, its I who needs to change for the better me. Hence I will try to be more reluctant with negativity and keep it at arms length. I am other wise a very happy person and don’t want to let irrelevant things hold my happiness back.

I also wish to be more organised with work and less and less of procrastination. Will push my self to do it now. Procrastination has been a bit of an issue with me but when I get to work , nothing holds me back. So yes, Procrastination, you may see a less of me this year and going forward too.

I have tied up lots of hope with 2019 and wish that the year and me take care of each other and make it a memorable one like the previous ones and life is not bad or mean, its what we do makes it good or bad. Each year had its ups and down, while I morned the sad things, I also had lovely memories to cherish each year and want to be equally and more positive as I grow with 2019. And the rest is common, cherish family, love food, make new friends, travel and sleep. This remains the same each year.





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