Kids and Me


We always seek happiness in outside world but where it really lies is within oneself.

Happiness is not waiting at the final destination of the jornery but it is scattered all around through out your journey and you need to pick it.

A rich man may b driving an expensive car but may be on his way to meet his therapist while a poor man on the road will be happy with little food and a place to sleep.

Dont look for a reason to be happy or a situation to justify it. When happiness comes out of nothing, you will not fear loosing it. But if the same happiness is attached to someone or something, you will fear the loss of it. As nothing can be taken away from you, you will not fear loosing. While happiness attached to someone or something makes us wonder what if the person is not there with us tomorrow or what if my expensive car gets damaged in an accident.

Expecting someone else to create happiness for you is like living in a fools land. No one can create happiness for you. All they can do is create a situation and being happy or not is in your hand. How you react to a situation makes you happy or sad.

Seek whats within you and you shall find what makes you really happy. Distance yourself from things or people who bring negativity in you and no one but you yourself can make you happy.

By mummatalks

Mom of two brats, use to work as an analyst now a SAHM. Love books.

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