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Sibling- A gift to one another

Sibling is the best friend god has gifted you with.

When I was expecting my 2ndbaby, I had lots of people asking me as to why I thought of a second baby when life is already so expensive and one more child is added work for a mother.

I get my answer each time I see my kids together. Today my daughter gets tensed and cries if her baby brother gets hurt or if she feels he may hurt himself. My son apes the way his sister talks and he wants to run after her, play with her and do what she is doing.

While care comes naturally within siblings, I have experienced and also think many of you may agree that the elder one is the best teacher for the next.  Today my son speaks as his sister. He follows his sister and throws garbage in the bin. He helps put the toys back and also spends time with her when she is with her books. I am in no need to put any effort to teach him much as I know he is learning by watching his elder sibling.

In fact I feel 2ndchild reduces your work because if not for them, you would have to keep your first child company for everything. Yes it a task for the first two years with two kids, but as they grow, leave them together and you are absolutely free.

They hoot, shout and run around the house having fun and making me feel happy about my decision of having a second baby. God has graced me with two beautiful angels who love and look after each other and also fight like cats and dogs at times making me the referee of each fight. Cant thank god enough.



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The first para is really heartbreaking! I went through the same situation when I was expecting my baby girl (2nd child) which was out of choice. Because my son used to feel very lonely. He never made friends in school too. He wanted a child at home with him to play. After my baby girl was born, his behavior has completely changed and he’s more cheerful now.

I was never up to have another kid and was always scared of having a boy. And then I had another kid and it was a boy. But the love they share is so intimidating that I love to watch them when those two horns are away.

i totally believe in sibling concept. me & my brother are true friends n biggest enemy too. no only that – i wanted to have companion for my child. i am blessed that i got twins. though i think mine will get engaged with each other n i will be free soon.

Yes absolutely having a sibling may increase the load economically but the emotions and bonding is truly abundant and the elder one always takes care of the younger making them more kind and gentle in approach towards everyone in their near future .

Sibbling love is really important and being a single child I know how it is. This is the major reason why my husband and me want to give birth to a 2nd one and I totally agree 2nf child reduces the work of the mother.

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