KARMA – A Short Story

Aisha was born and brought up in a middle class family and an early demise of her father made her mother had play a dual role.  She made sure best of the education and lifestyle is offered to Aisha so she is all by herself and independent when she grows.

Aisha enjoyed her life to the fullest when she was with her mom and was reluctant to get married. But as the time passed by society pressure on her mom was increasing and finally a suitable boy came her way and Aisha could not say no.

While everything looked nice and a beautiful picture being painted by her in-laws about life post marriage, Aisha was all cheered up to plunge into the marriage pool. Little did she know what life had in store for her.

Her husband, Sam, was a man of love and respect and not just for his wife but for everyone. He treated Aisha with all the love he possibly could but that didn’t go down well with his family. It annoyed them to see that Aisha was being treated so well while their own daughter was sitting at home despite a husband and in-laws because he could not provide well for her.

Sparks were ignited, fingers were pointed and blames were laid. All directed towards Aisha for reasons she was sometimes not even aware about. The beautiful picture earlier painted was turning distorted with each passing day.  The ever so chirpy Aisha was turning into a muted doll that despite the despair continued with her efforts to win over the family but everything was wasted.

Only complains, work and arrogance was thrown on her face all the time. She was time and again reminded that she came from middle class and she should be obliged that she was married to a well off family.

Aisha took all this with a hope of better tomorrow as she believed in KARMA and left things on time to tell. She waited for time to do what it was suppose to do.

Days and months passed into years and with that came the turn of fate. Sam started doing very well for himself. A new car, new house and more personal perks for Aisha poured in while her mother in law was falling ill with a new disease taking over her body every few days. She saw some really critical days where hopes were given up.  But Karma, as Aisha believed would not let her go so easily.  She started coming down with more illness and inability with each passing day. All the richness that she flaunted earlier with an air of ability to spend on whatever she wanted was now being spent for paying her medical bills.

Aisha believed in Karma and tried to follow her life with the same perspective that what you do is going to come back to you in one way or another.  She believed that she too had to face a tough time in her marriage due to some past karma of hers. A price she was paying now.

Karma is here to stay. It’s not going anywhere and it’s watching. It knows when it has to act and it will act at the right time hitting where it’s needed.  Your good acts will be reciprocated with a better return while a bad deed will find its own way to get back to you. So be wise and act clean. Don’t mess up.  What you do is going to come back to you soon or later.

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Lovely! It’s important that one does not give up and has faith in karma. Waiting game is tough and throw you off the path. But hanging in there helps

Good read…a true woman fights all odds with a smile and amidst nowhere gathers the power to lead somewhere .

This is the reality of life. There is nothing like purva janam and all. What ever you do, good or bad , you will get to see here. No one can really run away with it. Very well written story with hard hitting reality.

I strongly believe in msg of your story dear and agree that karma is here to stay and things follow accordingly in future. Your write up is so crisp and I really like the narrative and characterization in it.

Our society has this dual nature when it comes to daughter in laws. They wish only the best for theur daughter when shes is married off to someone else’s house. But when they get another girl as a daughter in law, they behave exactly the opposite. This needs to change and uts so prevalent in our country. The west is far from these trifle issues.

Karma and the magic around it. Hansa, you have very well captured the interest of the reader throughout the story. Aisha did the right thing to just stay there and wait patiently.
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