Kids and Me

The Journey Begins

Hi my readers,

So finally I have started what I always desired but never thought could pull it off. But today I took the plunge and went ahead with my own blog page.

My name is Hansa Kajaria. MBA Finance by qualification, Ex analyst and now I am a stay at home mom to my two little humans that I created.

Let me tell you more about myself.

  • I love to talk. I don’t need a topic, I need a person in front of me and I can talk for hours on strech.
  • Very imaginative. I always keep thinking about doing new things and even try doing them at times.
  • Creative and paint sometimes as a hobby
  • Love to play with my kids. Takes me back to being a kid myself without people judging why I am behaving like a nutcase.
  • Love decorating my house. I am always shuffling things around my house to give it a new look every now and then.
  • Passionate about dancing but husband has two left feet so i end up dancing crazy with my kids.
  • I Love Food. I don’t need to be hungry to eat. I need food to eat.
  • You will always see me cleaning something or the other.
  • OCD for hand wash.
  • And above all, I Love Books. I take reading challenges on Goodreads and have failed a margin all the time. But still I love Books.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

By mummatalks

Mom of two brats, use to work as an analyst now a SAHM. Love books.

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